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NED Show wows Minnehaha students

Presenter Haley Brown brought the NED Show to Minnehaha Elementary School this week to teach students about the importance of persistence, kindness, diligence and excellence in school and life. (News-Chronicle photo by Jamey Malcomb)1 / 3
Haley Brown (right) shows off the "crown" she made for Minnehaha fifth grader Kelly Jones Monday during the NED Show. (News-Chronicle photo by Jamey Malcomb)2 / 3
Minnehaha Elementary first grader Kaiden Weideman tells NED Show presenter Haley Brown about his goals for this school year. (News-Chronicle photo by Jamey Malcomb)3 / 3

Students at Minnehaha Elementary School in Two Harbors arrived at school Monday for the beginning of the week, but it wasn't long before students knew something was a little different.

An hour or so after school started, the entire student population filed into the gym for the "NED Show," a 45 minute assembly that aims to enhance school climate and is designed to help students "become champions at school and in life," according to a press release.

NED is a cartoon character designed to teach students three critical skills to success in and out of the classroom and, helpfully enough, NED is also an acronym for the three skills: never give up, encourage others and do your best.

Presenter Haley Brown engaged the crowd with a mix of humor, audience participation, storytelling and impressive yo-yo tricks to highlight the importance of persistence, kindness, diligence and excellence.

Students from different grades were called up and asked about what they thought made them champions and areas of school they hoped to improve in this year.

The program was also provided at no cost to Minnehaha because "All for Kidz," the NED Show's parent company, uses the "Pay-It-Forward" program to help fund its presentations around Minnesota and the U.S.

For five days following the program, NED Show yo-yos and other products were available for sale at the Minnehaha office and the proceeds from the sales will fund future presentations at other schools.