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4-day savings will go toward bus buys

After getting the four-day week approved by the Minnesota Department of Education Aug. 3, the Lake Superior School District has its eyes set on buying three buses with the money it will save - about $250,000.

The school board has been discussing getting two buses for normal routes while another would be used as an activities bus in Silver Bay. An activities bus would cost about $30,000 more. It has storage capabilities that result in fewer seats so it wouldn't be used for daily student routes. The cost would be covered by Silver Bay's "M" Club and the Kelley High School Athletic Council.

"I think buying three buses is essential," said Jack Pichotta, school board member. Superintendent Phil Minkkinen said bus life spans are being pushed to the limit, including one that has been leaking antifreeze.

Under the three-bus plan, Silver Bay's current activities bus would be put on normal student routes. Minkkinen said there has been no interest in Two Harbors for an activities bus.

Substitute teachers

Last week the school board discussed increasing substitute teacher pay, considering they will be in school longer when the four-day week is implemented. Members talked about bumping their pay from $85 to $95-$100 a day.

"We probably need to raise it," Minkkinen said. He said the district is low in what they pay subs compared to other districts in the region.