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Lake County Past: Dec. 19

Lake County Past


A delivery horse for sale. Enquire at Scandinavian Co-operative Mercantile Co.'s store.

For good dentistry at reasonable prices go to Dr. Goodspeed over Chas. F. Falk's drugstore.

The local order of the Yeomen has decided to prepare a Christmas tree and give a good time to the poor children of the city on Christmas eve, at the Glen Hall. There will be a real Santa Claus, Christmas tree, and plenty of candy, nuts, games and songs. All of this is free and should have the help of all who would gladden the hearts of the youngsters.


Yard improvements augur good season

With an expenditure of more than $100,000.00 on road bed and yard facilities by the Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railroad and the production at eastern mills at 93 percent of capacity, Two Harbors envisions a banner season for shipping in 1940.

Filling part of the Waldo sag and cutting down the hump at the summit of the grade will facilitate handling longer trains without the danger of breaking in two. Lengthening the tracks in the sorting yard in Two Harbors to take care of ninety car trains will eliminate the suspension of traffic while long trains are being doubled onto two tracks as the ore trains pull into the Two Harbors yard.

Clyde Kernan best trapper

Very recently, Clyde Kernan, one of Lake County's most ardent trappers, had the good fortune to catch a wolf and a large red fox in his traps near his cabin at Beaver Crossing. His friends are all waiting for him to give them the hide of the fox so they may have it made into a neckpiece.


Will form curling club at meet

The Two Harbors Curling Club will be organized at a meeting scheduled in the Iron Dock Hall. It is sponsored by the Two Harbors Jaycees organization. Two sheets have been laid in the old DM&IR storehouse yards and rocks will be furnished by the club. Further information can be secured from Walter Egeland or Rudy Pluth.


Lack of snow

The lack of snow on the ground has been the largest disappointment for the staff and students at Wolf Ridge as the winter activities of skiing and snowshoeing have been placed on hold. Although the total precipitation for the month is just slightly below average we have had bad luck keeping the snow from melting. We also have not had a major snowstorm yet. One nice consequence of the lack of snow is that Wolf Lake has offered some amazing ice skating as the temperature stays below freezing.