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Vote Richard Painter August 14

Richard Painter, law professor at University of Minnesota and author is running in the DFL primary for U.S. Senate. He is a powerhouse. He is well connected and his ideas on addressing immigration, health care, job creation, homelessness, environment, gay and women's rights, etc. are practical, brilliant and steeped in ethics.

For example: he wants to legislate "No mining on major waterways anywhere", addressing issues like this nationally preventing lobbyists from special interest groups from influencing legislators on a state by state basis.

An example of this type of thing recently occurred in the Senate when Tina Smith introduced an amendment to a military spending bill giving pristine wetlands near the boundary waters to the PolyMet Mining Company. Fortunately this was quashed in the House. A house member from the state of Washington prevented it from leaving committee, saying it was a "toxic environmental rider" designed to "supersede longstanding federal land management and environmental policy, including weakening of the Endangered Species Act and shortening environmental review for new mining projects".

Painter's past actions and writings speak volumes about why we can trust him. When he speaks, especially about ethics, his passion is exciting and contagious. He takes no Dark Money.

Thus far his opponent, Tina Smith has refused to debate him. Please check him out on the internet, visit his Facebook page, spread the word, and vote Painter in the primary on Tuesday, August 14.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.