Cynthia Lovold has been busy preparing her studio for visitors. The ceramics artist is one of 19 artists featured in this weekend's Lake Superior 20/20 Studio Art Tour. The tour features nine locations in a 20-mile radius between Duluth and Two Harbors, with two to three artists at each stop.

"We have wood designers, painters, fiber artists, ceramics - such as myself - jewelry, glass blowing and more. We always like to have a variety so people see a lot of different things," Lovold said.

Related contentThe art tour is 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, Sept. 28, through Sunday, Sept. 30.

Lovold and three artist friends started the tour in 2012 after years of discussion.

"We had the vision for it and it took a couple of years for us to decide, OK, when are we going to quit talking about this and do it?" Lovold said. "And we've been able to stick with that, so we're able to highlight local artists."

Lovold said she and her fellow artists were tired of residents continuously being surprised to find out they have artist neighbors and friends.

"There were so many people who said, 'Oh, you make pottery - we had no idea!' People didn't realize that there are fine arts and crafts in their own neighborhoods," Lovold said.

New to this year's tour is the struggle of mapping around road construction. Due to the large number of road closures in Two Harbors and the increased traffic flow, Lovold said they're routing around the city on the map in their brochure.

"In fact, my next call today is to the county road supervisor because they’ve been working on a bridge project up above my house, which is one of the stops, and it’s like, oh, come on. It’s a minor jaunt around where they’re working on this dirt road, but it might hinder some people," Lovold said.

The careful routing is also meant to encourage visitors to make every stop along the tour. Each stop has something different, Lovold said, with some of them providing demonstrations, community participation, music or an additional pop-up artist not listed in the brochure.

"We like to dub our tour as a ‘treasure hunt.’ You’re trying to find these studios tucked in the woods and you find these little surprises along the way," Lovold said. "It makes it more fun rather than having it all set in stone, because we want everyone to stop at every stop."

The first stop on the tour is the Larsmont School, where there will be an information booth with brochures and a few featured artists. Each stop will have a balloon and a neon-green “Lake Superior 20/20 Art Tour” sign.

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