Two Harbors resident Katya Gordon has been writing columns on climate change and the North Shore for about five years. She started looking into climate change after weathering Hurricane Sandy in North Carolina in a sailboat with her husband and two daughters.

"That was what we consider our turning moment with climate change. That's when it became a lot more personal to us, a lot more visible," Gordon said. "Up until that point, we'd been really aware of climate change, but it hadn't really affected our lives that much. It wasn't really ringing our alarm bells."

Following that trip, Gordon began researching climate change on the North Shore and started her semiweekly columns in the Chronicle.

Related contentIn September, Gordon self-published a collection of her columns and blog posts, "Climate Change: Musings and Stories from Lake Superior's North Shore."

She describes it as a "coffee table book with tidbits for people who are concerned about climate change, but who haven't necessarily paid much attention to it."

"My hope is that it will be particularly interesting to people who care about the North Shore and/or people who care about climate change, which as it turns out, is a lot of people," Gordon said.

Gordon said she tries to focus on everyday solutions for climate change - actions people can implement into their lives to help minimize their impact on the climate.

"I learned pretty early that climate change can be so overwhelming. It's very easy to go from not paying much attention to it to deciding it's too big of a deal and that there's really nothing I can personally do to stop it anyway," Gordon said. "But I've always been a believer in the power of what we can do when we put our minds to it as a group of people, so I focus on solutions."

Gordon's other goal is to inspire conversations about the changes. She said, when she started writing in 2012, she didn't notice very much conversation about climate change.

"People didn't talk about it seriously in 2012. And we're still not totally where we need to be in the conversation, but people do talk about it more," Gordon said. "I want to hear people talk about things like wasting less, conserving energy, reducing travel emissions - those everyday things everyone can do."

This is Gordon's second book. Her first book was "Big Waves, Small Boat, Two Kids: A Family Sailing Adventure," published in 2012. Gordon said she took the self-publishing route this time around because she wanted to try the different process.

"It was, of course, much more time-consuming than I thought," Gordon said. "But I had a lot of support and help from people who gave me proper reviews and feedback. That's what you really need when you self publish - someone to tell you whether or not your book is worth reading."

Gordon's book is a available at several local stores along the shore as well as Anderson's Greenhouse in Two Harbors.

Gordon will have a reading and author talk at the Two Harbors Public Library at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 29.