Seagren's True Value Hardware store has a new mural alongside the building. But if you go in the front door, you'll miss it. The mural stretches along the alley rear entrance to the building.

Owner Scott Seagren said he chose that area for the mural in an effort to get more tourists who arrive in Two Harbors via the North Shore Scenic Railroad at the depot to explore downtown.

"We couldn't figure out what color we wanted for this area, so my wife suggested a mural," Seagren said. "We drove out to Ashland and Superior and loved all their murals. What a great way to make the place look nice and welcome people into downtown."

The mural takes inspiration from the store's history. Seagren's mother's family has owned the store since his grandfather built it in 1945. Both Seagren's father and his wife's father are included in the painting, which Seagren said bear striking resemblances.

"It’s funny, we didn’t tell the kids that we put them on here, and the kids right away said, 'There’s Grandpa K and Papa.' That’s how real it looks," Seagren said.

In fact, the true-to-life look of the painting led Seagren to some confusion. The artist started with the top overhang section of the mural, which prompted customers to ask Seagren about his "new roof."

"I had three people ask me if we were putting a new roof on because it looks like an overhang. I didn’t know what they were talking about at first until I went to the edge of the parking lot," Seagren said. "That’s how 3-D it looks."

Proctor-based painter Brian Olson created the design and spent six weeks throughout the summer working on the project.

The mural stretches around the side of the building. Seagren said he plans to have Olson return before the end of the fall to add more sections to the painting along the entire back of his store.