Silver Bay native Joel Hare turned one of his dreams into a new fantasy novel, "Pendants of Fate: A Knight's Beginning."

"I know that sounds cliche, but I had this awesome dream and woke up thinking about it. I went back to sleep and slipped back into the same dream, which I didn't think was possible," the Duluth resident said. "So while I had some down time the next day, I pulled out a pencil and paper and started writing."

Six years later, Hare just released the first of what he hopes will be a series of five or six books, each revolving around a different pendant.

He describes his fantasy world as within the same tone as "Game of Thrones," "Harry Potter" and "Lord of the Rings," but with "all original concepts, characters and ideas."

After having the initial inspiring dream, Hare continued to write whenever he felt inspiration strike. He didn't like to force the writing.

"I tried forcing it once, and I sat down and started typing," Hare said. "But then I ended up deleting the five or six pages I wrote because it just felt like fluff. So I waited for inspiration."

Hare also had to find time to write around his work schedule. He works in the operations branch of the 148th Fighter Wing of the Minnesota Air National Guard.

"So I had to find the time to write between deployments and school and life," Hare said. "I wish it wouldn't have taken so long, but it was fun while writing it."

And even after reading the book over and over about 30 times during the editing process, Hare says he still finds it enjoyable to read. The book was published by Mill City Publishing in the Twin Cities.

"They were very helpful through the process," Hare said.

Hare said he's excited for people to read the book and find characters with whom they can identify.

"In the character development, I didn't make everyone a 6-foot-4, blonde hair, blue-eyed, athletic, all-their-teeth type of person," Hare said. "There are a lot of personalities that I think people will identify with. I want the readers to be able to picture themselves as characters in the book."

He said the books are appropriate for readers ages 10 and up, with no offensive language.