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Two Harbors City Council

At its meeting Monday, the Two Harbors City Council approved a request for proposal document prepared by City Attorney Steve Overom. The RFP will be issued to solicit potential buyers for Lake View National Golf Course, with the council determining that proposals will be accepted until Dec. 31. The city, however, reserves the right to accept or reject offers and it will maintain ownership of the trails now on the property.

The RFP and an information packet is available at Two Harbors City Hall. For the time being, to encourage visitors to the golf course, guests at hotels belonging to the Two Harbors Visitors' Bureau will receive discounts on rounds of golf, said Councilor Cathy Erickson, adding that signs were being made to make hotel patrons aware of the offer.

The increasing number of memorial benches along city walking trails has prompted a number of Two Harbors residents and visitors to write letters to the city, said Council President Jerry Norberg. Currently, families or friends who want to purchase a bench do so by contacting a vendor, and selecting and purchasing the bench they like. The city provides information about where space is available for the bench, but has no say as to the bench's design. Comments about the benches have questioned the city's hands-off approach.

"I think it's the pictures that have people upset," said Councilor Robin Glaser, referring to images of the deceased on plaques on or near the benches.

"It's the pictures," Norberg agreed. Glaser introduced a motion to place a temporary moratorium on the placement of any more benches until the Trees and Trails Commission maps all the existing benches and the city's Public Affairs Department makes a recommendation as to whether more benches should be placed on city property, and if so, what type of bench should be allowed. The motion passed unanimously.

The city of Two Harbors recently solved the mystery of which utility poles it owns and an ownership agreement is now in place, said Overom. Establishing ownership was necessary to facilitate progress on the county's broadband project. The poles are being marked and the council approved a proposal by Eric Sonju of Power System Engineering to perform a $2,500 geographic information system assessment. After completing the assessment, Sonju will present his recommendation as to whether the city should maintain its own electronic record of where the poles are, or if the task should be farmed out to Power System Engineering.

The next step was for the city was to develop an attachment agreement for use of its utility poles. The agreement will require a potential user to complete an application to be submitted to a consultant.The consultant will determine whether the applicant's plan meets National Electric Safety Code and Federal Communications standards. If the plan must be changed in order to meet the standards, make-ready costs will be determined and presented to the applicant who will be responsible to pay them.

Overom said that the application is much longer than he had hoped, but it reflects industry and FCC requirements. The agreement will be sent to Lake Connections and Frontier Communications for review. Overom also said that the city's attachment application process does not set a definitive hierarchy for the placement of fiber on its utility poles, instead it is focused on ensuring only that the fiber is attached according to NESC and federal standards.

Additional actions by the council:

• Award of the water, light and power operator position to Mitchell J. Ekstrom

• Approval of the reasonable assurance agreement between the city of Two Harbors and Two Harbors Community Radio

• Approval of a recommendation from the utility committee to request a proposal from MSA Professional Services for design and bid document preparation of the water treatment plant upgrade project.