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Letter to the editor: Henjum-Rosati signs missing

THEFT. Yes. That is correct. Theft. Around the city of Two Harbors, mayoral candidate Mary Henjum-Rosati's yard signs are coming up missing.

My own family had two yard signs supporting Mary's candidacy for mayor. During the span of one afternoon this week, one or more person(s) decided they did not want our support for Mary visible, so they trespassed on private property, took the signs, and absconded with them in broad daylight.

There were no witnesses to this event, and when I started looking into this fiasco, I found out this is not the only Henjum-Rosati yard sign that has gone missing. As a matter of fact, these signs are being removed from many properties without knowledge or consent from the homeowner who agreed to put up the sign or Mary Henjum-Rosati, herself. By process of elimination, that leaves one intellectually sound explanation: Mary's mayoral yard signs promoting her candidacy are being STOLEN.

What's more, I find this entire situation very peculiar because the Randy Bolen for Mayor yard signs up around town are being left undisturbed. It seems as if this is a direct attack on Mary Henjum-Rosati's campaign. For example, in my family's missing signs case, Mary's mayoral opponent, Randy Bolen, has yard signs up and down the same avenue, on both sides of the street, that have gone untouched, including one directly next door.

Mind you, there was only one Rosati for Mayor sign on our block and four or five Bolen signs. Why Mary was singled out remains a mystery.

As I drive around Two Harbors, the familiar red and white signs for Henjum-Rosati's campaign are obviously "M.I.A". But Bolen's black and white signs are peppered throughout the town. I thought part of the speech Mayor Bolen recorded on his website highlighted how wonderful and up-to-date the TH Police Department was. Is that really true when signs are being taken from residents' yards in the daytime hours? There are worse crimes, of course, but personally I can't help feeling this is a personal attack on Mary Henjum-Rosati; a candidate wanting to be Two Harbors' mayor who is funding her own campaign with her own money with no help in regards to monetary donations or fundraising campaigns for her cause, something she strongly believes in. At approximately $50 a sign, those items being taken are not something that can easily be replaced.

Whoever is stealing these signs: SHAME ON YOU! I believe Mary Henjum-Rosati is running a respectable, honest campaign and whoever is performing this action against her is nothing short of acting like a high school bully.

This is a political race for a city position. Can we please act like adults instead of interfering, destroying or vandalizing something you may not necessarily agree with? I find it sad that I have to write in to the city's newspaper to remind someone out there of this simple act of human courtesy. I just hope it helps. We are supposed to be an American community welcoming choices and diversity, not some cliques fighting for the upper hand. Can we please enjoy a fair mayoral race and decide the right way by voting in November instead of sabotaging political attempts?