If you're looking for volunteer opportunities around Lake County, or if you're already involved as a volunteer, the Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency (AEOA) RSVP has an event for you.

The volunteer fair, set for March 22 at the Two Harbors Community Center, has a twofold purpose: to show the whole picture of volunteers across the county and appreciate them for their work and to recruit new volunteers.

"It's a way to express appreciation for the ones who knit together the community by providing food, by helping seniors stay in their homes, who make our place the wonderful community it is," RSVP coordinator Nancy Frischmann said. "So many community services wouldn't run without volunteers."

So far about 14 nonprofit organizations are signed up, ranging from Knife River to Finland. Some of these include:

• AEOA RSVP and Rural Rides;

• Bone Builders - Knife River, Two Harbors, Silver Bay, Finland;

• Two Harbors Area Food Shelf;

• Lake County Developmental Achievement Center;

• Two Harbors Area Public Library;

• Minnesota Veterans Home;

• Beacons of Hope;

• Wolf Ridge Environmental Center;

• Superior Hiking Trail;

• Community Partners;

• North Shore Horizons;

• Ecumen;

• Senior Linkage Line;

• Julebyen Festival;

• Gitchi-Gami Bike Trail Association.

The range of volunteers needed, according to Frischmann, is for everything from trail maintenance to senior companions, to festival organizers, and more.

One of the nonprofits, Community Partners, is specifically looking for more drivers for their meals on wheels program and for their senior companionship program.

"Volunteers make our programs what they are," Community Partners volunteer organizer Dana Thewis said. "We have three paid staff members to make sure grants are written and to coordinate things. Otherwise, everything else is done by volunteers, so we're excited to celebrate them and to welcome more in."

For more information on the volunteer fair, contact Nancy Frischmann at 218-226-8809.