Jan. 30, 1920

Curtis Truman wins contest

The contest at the high school on Monday night, to determine the winner of the Two Harbors Discussion league, was held before an audience not nearly as representative as have the former contests along this line, and persons interested in the doings of the schools missed an occasion worth braving the elements to attend.

The question was “How shall the problems between capital and labor be solve?” and seven entered the contest. The arguments were essentially self-made, as the faculty has been so occupied in getting the contestants ready for the debate and the extemporaneous contest into good form that they had very little time to devote to the discussion league.

Mr. Truman advanced the theory that a profit-sharing system, such as in vogue in several large institutions in the country, coupled with a board of mediation, would solve the problem and his theory, coupled with his manner of presentation, won him first place, which will make him the representative of Two Harbors in the final contest, in which one from each of the high schools of the northern section will take part.

Miss Nellie Aderson won second place on her theory that arbitration would solve the problem.

Hard times social a great success

The Hard Time social, given at the Scandia hall on Saturday, was indeed a mirth-provoking function and was enjoyed by a large number of the young folks of the community. Penalties were imposed on those who presumed to inflict an air of prosperity on the occasion. Jack Woodward was fined for having a $15 silk shirt on his back. Lief Strand received a rebuke from the austere court in the form of a nine cent fine for appearing in a new pair of shoes. Miss Nellie Lingren committed the crime of wearing jewels and paid the penalty. Othar Hanson was the personification of hard times which made him “above the law.”

Jan. 29, 1945

Paperboys in city having a rough time

The meanest man or kid is on the loose again in Two Harbors.

Bundles of newspapers dropped for early morning delivery to local customers have in several cases been taken and scattered around making it impossible for the early rising carriers to make deliveries.

The mischief, or whatever it may be called, is a bit rough on the young boys who try to do their job as well as on the subscribers.

Jan. 29, 1970

Curtain will rise Saturday on Frolics

The curtain will rise on the 1970 Winter Frolics event in Two Harbors this Saturday, Jan. 31 beginning nine days and evenings of festivities.

The program this year follows the general pattern of past events which have been a winter feature in Two Harbors for the past 20 years. The coronation of the queen is the climax of the event a week from Saturday, but the talent show, pancake supper, indoor and outdoor sports events and other features are also major components of the program.