Jan. 25, 1945

W.P. Board issues lighting controls

At the regular meeting of the city council Monday, the War Production board presented a communication ordered that effective Feb. 1, 1945, under terms of the new WPB order., that no electricity could be used for outdoor advertising and outdoor promotional lighting, outdoor display lighting except where necessary to conduct business of outdoor establishments; outdoor decorative or ornamental lighting; show window lighting except where necessary for interior illumination; marquee lighting in excess of 60 watts for each marquee,; white way street lighting in excess of the amount determined by public authority to be necessary for public safety.

Outdoor sign lighting except for identification signs required for police and fire protection, traffic control, transportation terminals or hospitals, directional or identification signs for any similar essential public services the lighting of which is specifically certified to be necessary by the local public authority. Certification must be made in writing to appropriate electric supplier and need not be in any particular form

These orders will be strictly enforced in this city.

County attorney has a birthday

J. Gilbert Jelle celebrated a birthday Saturday. Which one it was, we don’t know, but that there was a big celebration, we do know.

The county attorney customarily eats his meals at the Victory Cafe and he is very popular with the staff, so they decided to have a party for him when they heard of the birthday.

Marie Braa was the instigator and ably assisted by Elizabeth Kari and Elma Palo. The affair took the form of Scandinavian krub (potato dumplings to us). When Mr. Jelle came in for his supper around 6 o’clock Saturday evening, the five booths were filled with friends who greeted him with “Happy Birthday.”

There was a cake and gifts. There were speeches of a congratulatory nature, to which the honored guest responded. He asserts it was the first surprise party he had in his life.

Spring robins

Note that we say robins and not just robin. Forever observant Ellis Anderson spied a FLOCK of robins happily perched on wires at the skating rink Tuesday afternoon when he came in from his mail route. When Ellis reported this to his fellow workers in the post office, they didn’t just doubt him, they didn’t believe him, so he took these skeptical persons right to the spot. When they saw with their own eyes, they had to believe.

This wasn’t the only strange report of bird sightings for the season. Harriet Salby reports that crows were heard in the vicinity of Clover Valley by several persons last Friday. It is believed the unusually warm weather has attracted the feathered friends to return earlier.