Jan. 11, 1945

Shine, mister?

A very welcome business is now established in the city by Herb Murphy, who has set up a shoeshine stand in Paul’s barber shop where you can be polished on weekdays from noon to 5:30 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to noon. We predict Herb will be very, very busy.

Northshore briefs

The cold weather of the past two weeks has been ideal for the annual ice harvesting which is now completed. The ice is cut at the mouth of the Gooseberry River and stored in the neighborhood ice houses for next summer’s use.

George Pyette has been the contractor for the ice harvest at Beaver River and reports he still has a few cakes left if anyone needs his icehouse filled. He has been busy but has managed to keep cool about it.

The young boys have trap lines in the woods which they visit every day in hopes of finding some fur animals in them. Trapping has not been good, but Orville Ellingson got a timber wolf in the vicinity of Gooseberry River and Myron Ellingson caught a lynx-cat. Weasel are plentiful.

Several of the men are in the woods cutting their year’s supply of firewood. White birch and poplar are the most popular as they give a lot of heat and are easily cut up for use in the stoves. Enough wood is cut in the winter to last all year.

The herring fish has almost come to a stop because of the extreme cold weather. Those who do have nets out find that they get a good price for the fish. The latest price is 10 cents per pound.

Jan. 15, 1970

Reserve awaits tailings order

Reserve Mining Co. of Silver Bay had no immediate comment on reports early this week emanating from Rep. Clark McGregor and later from an official of the U.S. Department of the Interior that the mining firm would be required to alter its method of tailings disposition from the present disposition of them in Lake Superior.

No official order to that effect had emerged by Wednesday of this week and Reserve officials delayed any reaction until such an order is actually issued.

The report containing the order to alter the plant’s present methods of operation may be released within a week, Reinhold Thieme, deputy assistant to Carl L. Klein, assistant secretary for water quality and research, was quoted as having said Tuesday of this week.

If made, the report apparently will call for change in Reserve’s entire method of operation.

“I would expect it would require an altered practice from the way they're doing and an altered method of disposal,” Thieme said.