Nov. 20, 1919

The library board’s desire

It is the wish of the library board that every man, woman and child in Two Harbors feel a personal interest in the public library. They ask for cooperation of everyone in making it the greatest use possible through circulation of its books and the use of the reading and reference room. Come in and see what we have. If we don’t have just what you want, let us know so that we may consider it for our next purchase of books.

For our Scandinavian patrons, we have secured subscriptions to the Hemlandet, the Minnesota State Tidning, Amerika and Minneapolis Tidende.

We are always looking out for the interests of the people in our community and with this end in view we have sent to the government at Washington for pamphlets issued by them on “The Naturalization of Aliens in the U.S.; How to become a citizen, what is required; Rights and duties.” We have several hundred of them and they can be had for the asking.

Mrs. Scovell to speak here

An event of considerable interest to local people will be the address delivered by Mrs. Bessie Laythe Scovel at the Presbyterian church next Monday evening. Mrs. Scovel is the state president of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and a very entertaining speaker.

Loses a valuable horse

Alex Halliday, the undertaker, lost his valuable horse Tuesday, the animal dying after a brief illness. He was a handsome, high-spirited black pacer and could travel at a lively clip. Mr. Halliday will have the animal’s skin tanned and used as a rug.

Had fine luck

A.W. Tait, the photographer in company with Brier, Nelson, Hart, O’Dell, Gearhart, Bowen, McFadden and Zopp of Duluth and Smith of Minneapolis, returned Tuesday evening from a most successful deer hunt near Shawf Lake. Mr. Tait secured the limit of two large bucks and a fine moose and reports one of the most enjoyable trips he ever had, in spite of having to carry 210 pounds of luggage over a mile.

Shot by his little brother

A Cross River boy was badly wounded in both legs by his 5-year-old brother at their home about 50 miles from here. The little fellow didn’t know the gun was loaded. He aimed the 22-caliber rifle at the older boy during their play and the weapon, that was not supposed to be loaded, went off. A bullet went through the leg and lodged just below the hip in the other leg. The wounded youth was brought here and is now at the local hospital and on the road to recovery.