Nov. 13, 1919

Men wanted to take census in county

Probably for the first time, the government is experiencing difficulty in obtaining census enumerators for this part of the country. There is a shortage of 103 in the Duluth district, only 110 out of 213 necessary having been secured and in Lake County only three have made application.

The time limit for filing applications has expired, but W.E. Ewen, census director, will no doubt extend the time for applicants. Applications for Duluth and the larger towns of the district have been more plentiful than those from the rural sections, but 103 enumerators are still needed.

The census will be taken beginning Jan., a rather unusual time to cover Northern Minnesota, but it is believed that it will be easier to obtain enumerators during the winter months than in the summer. Preference is at all times given to returned soldiers, sailors and marines.

Nov. 16, 1944

Norshore briefs

  • A beaver colony settled at Knife River Valley near the town line road and, working as beavers do, building a dam with poles measuring about eight inches in diameter. Ellis Anderson noticed this as he passed by daily and says the structure is a marvelous piece of engineering which was accomplished in about 60 days.
  • Lawrence Claffy has been ill and it was nip and tuck to see if he would get to the polls last week. Early in the afternoon, his good friend Mayor M.H. Brickley accompanied by Harry Bergren drove up to the Claffy home and took him to vote. Regardless of party affiliations, this spirit of neighborliness and unity makes the United States the greatest country in the world.
  • The cannery has received the new automatic sealer and a large shipment of new cans. They are now ready to start the canning of pork and beans and will now be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Mrs. Emily K. Johnson reports about 20,000 cans have been sealed at the cannery since the opening and recently a considerable amount of lake trout has been canned. If there is a need the cannery will be open every day.
  • By coincidence the last football game of the season was with Ely and the first basketball game will be with the same team on Dec. 1.
  • Christmas tree cutting started last Monday. The trees are being cut for John Heybaer who has cut trees here for several years.
  • The board of directors of the Co-op Light and Power Association of Lake County has passed this action: "$25 reward for information leading to the conviction of anyone shooting insulators or otherwise maliciously damaging the high line of the Co-op Light and Power Association of Lake Co." Recently it took the linemen five hours to repair such a case in Clover Valley. Acts such as this are sabotage, which is a hard word for what some think is a little fun.