Oct. 16, 1919

Game hunters must procure a license

Game warden August Tabor is on the alert for small game violators and several arrests have been made of late, especially of those caught with loaded guns in automobiles.

There is no excuse for these violations, as the laws governing this subject have been published in every newspaper in the state. It is figured that it is not ignorance of the law that causes the mix ups with the game warden, but the desire to do something and get away with it. The game warden reminds the public of the statutes:

“No person while in a motor vehicle shall take game nor discharge any firearms therefrom at any protected wild animal nor carry a gun or other firearms except a pistol or revolver, in a motor vehicle unless the same be unloaded in both barrels and magazine and taken apart or contained in a case.”

Another provision is that is not generally understood is the fact that reports must be made to the state of the kind and number of birds you bag. In the license this season is included a postcard addressed to Carlos Avery, the state game and fish commissioner and on the back of this card are blanks which hunters must fill in, telling the number of birds of various kinds shot during the season. All these cards must be sent in within 30 days after the hunting season closes. Unless this rule is conformed to, some hunters will find another season that they are unable to get a license.

The game laws are intended for all and not along for the other fellow. You come under its provisions as well.

Halloween to be celebrated at the Y

A big Halloween frolic is going to be held at the Y.M.C.A. Friday night, Oct. 31 and will be attended by many of the young people in the city. Any boy or girl is eligible to attend, provided they be over 14 years of age. Come masked and in the humor to have an evening of real enjoyment.

Some of the program features include: A big orchestra furnishing plenty of music, a performance by the high school gym class, blind-folded boxing matches, a cake walk contest, comedy swimming stunts, a real apple bobbing contest in the pool by a swimming class.

Oct. 16, 1969

First snowfall of the season hits

The first snow of the year was visible along the shores of Lake Superior last Sunday as flurries mixed with a drizzling rain fell through most of the afternoon that day, Sunday night and the entire day Monday.

The snow melted on contact with the earth in Two Harbors, but starting a few miles inland and northward in the forest area, the snow attained a depth of several inches.