Oct. 5, 1944

Two Harbors' first citizen passes on; reached age 88

The community mourns the loss of a great man, Thomas Owens, who died at his home in Two Harbors Saturday morning, Sept. 30 following a brief illness.

Mr. Owens' good deeds and words will live on forever in the hearts of his fellowmen. His love for Two Harbors and pride of the development of Lake county were shown by his active interest and participation in every event which contributed to the welfare of the public. He had unbounded faith in his co-workers and as he advanced to the position of vice president of the D. and I.R. his interest in their progress was undiminished.

The community has honored this beloved pioneer in many ways, but the honor most cherished by him was the naming of a public park in Two Harbors "The Thomas Owens Memorial" on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the first ore at Agate Bag for shipment down the lakes.

Thomas Owens was born September 28, 1856 in Oshkosh, Wis. and in 1882 he married Sarah Roberts who preceded him in death three years ago. In 1883 they came to Two Harbors where Mr. Owens began working for the railroad. He was engineer on No. 8, the historic train bringing the first load of iron ore into Two Harbors. In 1892 he became general superintendent of the D. and I.R. and in 1920 was elected vice president and served in both positions until his retirement in 1931 after the consolidation of the D. and I. R. and the D. M. and N. to form the D.M. and I.R.

Mr. Owens was a member of Fortitude Masonic lodge; Scottish Rite of Duluth; a life member of AAD Temple of the Shrine, Duluth; an honorary member of the Minnesota Arrowhead association; past president of the Two Harbors Rotary club and was an organizer of the Lake County Development Association and the Vermilion Range Old Settlers' association.

He was vice president of the First National Bank since 1929 and connected with that organization for over 30 years.

Thirty-eight years ago Mr. Owens organized the Lake County Fair association and was president for many years.

In spring of 1942 Mr. Owens planned his funeral to the last detail making it an exact duplication of the funeral for his wife. The only exception is the substitution of the organist who accompanied the soloist Mrs. McIlroy.

Oct. 9, 1969

Forest office in the cone market

The Isabella Ranger District of the Superior National Forest is now buying pine cones form the public to obtain tree seed needed in the reforestation project.

Red Norway pine cones are in the greatest demand this season. These cones are about one inch in diameter, two inches long and a dark red or purple color. The Forest Service will pay $5 per bushel for red pine cones delivered to the Isabella office.