Oct. 5, 1944

Northshore brief: Plane makes emergency landing

As a reward the understanding and grateful pilot showed them what he could of the working of a plane. We believe they are now occupied giving flying instructions to ambitious young friends. Many people in Two Harbors saw the low-flying plane and E.D. Ayers was the first to inform this office. It seemed to have just missed the Bethlehem Lutheran church as it was attempting the landing.


That even Dame Nature is thinking of V-Day was proved when Elmer Handeland, 517 Fifth Ave., dug up a perfect v-shaped potato which was grown in his victory garden at the nursery this year. This unique spud is on display in the Chronicle and Times window.

Oct. 2, 1969

Car refrigeration plant to be established here: Will use fiberglass firm space

A lease has been signed for the space in the Universal fiberglass building which formerly housed the new roundhouse area when the building was constructed by the DM&IR railroad for a new industry in Two Harbors.

The space has been leased from Universal Fiberglass Corp., owners of the building for the past five years, by the American Car and Foundry Industries through an agreement with the A.W. Mathews Engineering Co. of Hibbing.

Signing of the lease for the new industry, which had been rumored int eh city for the past several weeks and was announced early this week by J. R. Sheedy, purchasing agent for the American Car and Foundry Industries firm.

Sheedy said that the A. W. Mathews Engineering Co. would start work on remodeling operations and installation of the new plant sometime in November.

The firm will equip railroad cars with fiberglass materials to transform them into refrigerated shipping units for perishable products. Sheedy said that the firm had an initial order for such remodeling of 51 railroad cars.

There was no information immediately available as to the number of employees that would be required at the start of operations when remodeling of the space is completed, but it was indicated that there was a great potential in future operations of the concern.

Rumors of the impending start of the new industry had been prevalent for some time, as representatives of the firm appeared in the city to make initial surveys and to work out details of installation, such as contact of city services for gas and other services and shipping facilities for the plant's activities.