Sept. 25, 1919

13th annual fair was best ever held

The 13th annual fair held by the Lake County Agricultural Society closed last Friday evening after a successful three-day exhibit. Large crowds attended, both day and evening, and they were well repaid for their visits. A total of 4,955 paid admissions were recorded for the three days.

The livestock exhibits were not up to the previous years owing to the rain on Thursday morning which prevented livestock men from bringing in their exhibits. Every other department was filled to overflowing and the judging was difficult due to the owing to the excellence of the various exhibits.

Sept. 25, 1969

'Missing' man alive on coast

The futility of disappearance from human ken in this day and age of numbered identification came to light here this week with the establishment of the identity of man who apparently had disappeared at the Baptism River near its entry into Lake Superior nearly a year and a half ago.

Larry G. Johnston, 31, of Duluth, a pharmaceutical salesmen from that city, had been the object of a search in the area conducted by county and local law enforcement agencies when his abandoned auto was found on U.S. Highway 61 in June, 1968.

This week, a routine check of an application for a California driver's license he had made in that state, revealed he is still alive. The circumstances surrounding his Baptism River disappearance had indicated he might have drowned.

A heavy June fog and rain hung over the area on the North Shore when his auto had been sighted over a couple of days period. Investigation showed that he had been seen at the river near its mouth and had talked to some fishermen there, who noted his light clothing was not in accord with the weather conditions.

A search went on for some time before being abandoned. The Coast Guard joined the search in the lake waters near the mouth of the river and the stream itself was scoured on both sides of the highway.

Four suspected in breakages

Silver Bay police said early this week that four persons, three of them juveniles and one over 18 years of age, apparently were involved in a rash of window breaking which occurred the night of the Silver Bay-Duluth Central high school football game on Sept. 12.

Three of the suspects in the case are residents of Silver Bay and the other a resident of Beaver Bay, Don Seuss, police chief, said. Further developments were expected later.

The windows broken have a replacement value of about $2,200, authorities said. The largest loss, about $1,800 was sustained by the United Protestant Church and the remainder of the breakages occurred in both the Mary MacDonald elementary school and Kelley high school.