Aug. 28, 1919

Assailant caught at Beaver Bay

The hamlet of Larsmont, located three miles southwest of Two Harbors, on the Duluth road, was the scene of an incident which will long be remembered by the people there.

On Friday last, between 9-10 p.m., a man, whose name was afterward discovered to be Chas. S. Evans, entered the residence of William Ricards while Mrs. Ricards was at the home of her brother, Mr. Masters, a short distance away.

While in the house the man stole a pair of trousers and exchanged them for the ones he was wearing, leaving his old ones outside the house. He also took a wristwatch then left the house.

Noticing Mrs. Ricards arrive, he again entered the house, closed the door and forced her to submit to his wishes. According to the testimony of Mrs. Ricards, he drew a revolver to accomplish his purpose and on leaving he told her to remain inside for at least 10 minutes or he would kill her.

The woman obeyed the orders, but as soon as time had expired, she ran screaming to the home of her brother. When he had heard the story, told hysterically, he took his automatic rifle and started in pursuit. He followed the direction said to have been taken by her assailant and came near enough to him on Archdeacon's clearing to take a shot as the fellow disappeared into the woods.

Evans proceeded on his way to Two Harbors, following the Lake Shore and arrived here at 3 p.m. in the afternoon. He continued on up the shore over the next two days.

On Sunday, police officers overtook Evans in Beaver Bay, giving him no chance to reach for his gun. The stolen wristwatch was found on his person and he was wearing the trousers taken from the Ricards home, thus identification was easy.

Evans admitted that he was the man wanted. He was brought to the county jail and arraigned on Monday. He plead guilty to the charge of assault in the second degree and given an indeterminate sentence in the reformatory at St. Cloud.

Aug. 31, 1944

A fast bear

Betty Lou of Maple Grove Farm, Lax Lake, sends in a bear story, the first one we have had this year.

Sunday, Aug. 17 an important mission (attending the theater) took Mr. and Mrs. Arny Jackson, daughter and two St. Paul boys to Two Harbors. On their return, three miles from home, they saw something which looked like a person at a distance. Coming closer it turned out to be a bear and when it saw them, it started running at such terrific speed for about 500 feet. It lost its hold to the ground and in attempting to dash into the brush, it rolled over and over, really stirring up the thimbleberry bushes. He outdistanced the truck which was traveling at legal speed.

The bear appeared to weigh about 250 pounds. Farmers, they are coming back! Look out for your apples!