Aug. 21, 1919

Managers to go east to buy new goods for big store

Carl Friedman, general manager of the Two Harbors Mercantile Co. in company with Mrs. Ensign,manager of the dry goods and ladies ready-to-wear department and Mr. Phil Kavanaugh, manager of the gents' furnishings department, left on Saturday for Chicago and New York to make their selections of fall and winter goods for the Big Store.

Mr. Friedman says that all of the eastern markets will be visited where the finest ladies' ready-to-wear garments are manufactured and the public may rest assured that in less than a weeks' time, express packages from those places will be arriving.

This will give Two Harbors and Lake County an opportunity to selected the very latest styles and fashions in ladies' suits, coats, dresses, shirt waists, skirts, ladies' fine underwear, and the very latest yard goods in silk and wool.

Aug. 24, 1944

New fish spreads in Minnesota lakes

The "silver pike," which may be a mutation of the widely distributed northern pike, is spreading with some rapidity in the Park Rapids region and may be considered an addition to the list of Minnesota game fishes, authorities believe.

The fish is now being propagated in the hatchery at Nevis under the general direction of Dr. Samuel C. Eddy, fish expert in the University of Minnesota's department of zoology.

One surprising thing about the spread of the fish is said to be that it had been found in Detroit Lakes, where none had been planted. The first recognized specimens were taken in lake Ballentine in 1930.

Dr. Eddy called the fish a "true-breeding mutant of the esox lucius" which is the scientific name of the northern pike.

Aug. 21, 1969

Songs to tell of dark days

The gloom that cloaked the city of Two Harbors nearly seven years ago when the DM&IR railroad shops and ore shipping facilities were suddenly shut down leaving the Lake county seat temporarily without an industry will be recalled in a song entitled "The Day the Railroad Died" which will be sung at the Lake County Fair this evening by its composer, a well-known former resident of Two Harbors.

It will be one of two songs to be sung by Mrs. John Blanchard of Duluth, the former Mary Ann Christensen of Two Harbors. The other she will sing will be "God Help the Man who Closes a Town," the refrain of which recalls also the closing of the railroad and the closing of the city's first replacement industry, Universal Fiberglass Corp.

Both songs will be sung to the accompaniment of the Two Harbors City Band during a concert program scheduled at the fair grounds at 8 p.m. today.

Mrs. Blanchard is also planning to compose a third song dealing with the modern period of her home city of Two Harbors. It will extol in music the people who stayed through the dark days and helped the city make an economic comeback.