Jan. 2, 1968

Volunteer group builds a hangar

A group of aviation enthusiasts volunteered their labor to construct a six-unit airplane hangar at the Silver Bay Municipal Airport. The all-steel hangar, manufactured by Erect-O-Tube Co. is 194 feet in length and 32 feet wide. The electric bifold doors are designed for easy opening with heavy ice and snow accumulation.

The hangar, which took about two months to build, was recently inspected and approved by the State Aeronautics Dept. The building was then turned over to the Village. A State Aeronautics Loan paid for the cost of materials.

Six plane owners have signed leases with the village which guarantees repayment of the state loan. The hangar will be fully paid for in 15 years without cost to the village.

Volunteers included Harold Paulseth, Mike Fielder, Len Brickles, Village Attorney Wayne Johnson, Bob and Gerald Paulseth, Owen Ness, Ken McCormack, Geo. Rosenau, Geo. Thompson, J., Dr. Richard Rowe, Bob Eckhard, Howard Stubfers and Myron Kline from Silver Bay; Jean and John Firminhac from Beaver Bay; John Woolever from Lax Lake.

Myron Kline used his wrecker to place the steel. Lake County Coop Light & Power dug the footings.


North Shore Area greets a new year

Residents of the North Shore area returned Thursday to the work-a-day world of 1969 as the annual Christmas holidays period ended with the noise and music of New Year's Eve Tuesday night and the traditional more solemn and staid entrance of the new year Wednesday.

Tinsel trimmings of the season were starting to be relegated to dump grounds and decorations over the streets were being dismantled was residents turned their faces and minds to the many problems facing the community and nation on this last year of the decade.

The holiday period was complicated this year by an exceptionally heavy snow cover and by below normal temperatures, but there were no serious disruptions of travel or activities.

Besides the weather factors, the area felt the impact of the influenza activities which hit hard but resulted in no deaths in the immediate area.

A snowstorm, which had been forecast for the weekend previous of the New Year's celebration, failed to materialize to the disappointment of nobody, but cold weather was anticipated for the midweek period.