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Lake County Past: Balmy winter in Two Harbors

Lake County Past, from the Lake County News-Chronicle archives

Dec. 30, 1943


The coming edition of the Chronicle will be produced under new ownership and management. It is with no little comfort and pride that I can announce that the new ownership and management will not only maintain the high levels of small-town journalism that have characterized this publication in the past, but I am firm in the conviction they will improve it.

Rumors are already current that The Chronicle will be a chain newspaper. Nothing could be more remote from the truth. George H. Williams of Spencer, Iowa, Will be the senior member of what, I understand, will be the Two Harbors Printing Co. His associates will be his nephew, Frank N. Williams of Superior, Wis., and Frank C. Tibbetts of Hibbing. Mr. George Flowers of Hibbing will be resident manager.

The Two Harbors Times was absorbed in the transaction. Thus Two Harbors and Lake County will have one good home newspaper, produced by experienced journalists who will take an active personal part in its management and who are highly please dover their prospects. I am sure the Chronicle will continue to champion the interests of the city and county and promote the happiness of its people.

—Clarence M. Hillman


Balmy winter in Two Harbors

Melting weather, with water standing in the streets of Two Harbors Christmas Day and wayfarers registering just a briskness in the air, catalogs this city climatically in the Florida class. There is very little snow in the city streets and the snow in the woods is so thin and packed so that snowshoes are not necessary. Whole neighborhoods of citizens have abandoned the idea of going to California for the winter.

Dec. 26, 1968

Region digs out after big storm hits Sunday: Breakwater here damaged by waves

Recent storms have smashed out about 50 percent of pilings in the northeast breakwater of the Agate Bay harbor entrance put into place under the supervision of the Army Corps of Engineers during the past year, it was reported here this week.

Most of the damage to the piligns was the result of a hard wind storm which hit the area about a fortnight ago, but was intensified by heavy winds of last weekend.

The damage, however, has no appreciable effect on shipping from the harbor, which is continuing here and may continue, weather permitting, until mid-January.