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Lake County Past: All-time record set by docks

Lake County Past, from the Lake County News-Chronicle archives

Dec. 9, 1943

All-time record set by docks

An all-time record was set by the D.M. & I.R. docks in Two Harbors when the steamer Governor Miller cleared the port with the final ore cargo of the 1943 season.

The shipment of 19,275,591 tons was an all-time record exceeding the previous record of 1943 by 963,265 tons, all in spite of the fact that due to the ice blockades at the opening of navigation, the season was 27 days shorter than in 1942.

The docks set up another record in that Two Harbors was the only major port on the Great Lakes to exceed the tonnage shipped in 1942.

Henry P. Paulson, dock agent, said yesterday: "Besides breaking records, we have exploded the theory that 11 million tons was the ceiling of capacity of the Two harbors docks two years in succession."

Despite the freezing weather of November, which necessitated an abnormal amount of steaming ore before dumping into vessels, the fleet of carriers carried 6,940,503 gross tons of ore from the Head of the Lakes.

Dec. 9, 1993

Ruberg siblings reach milestone in same week

There wasn't a blue moon. The planets were in alignment. Halley's comet didn't zip over Lake County, yet something very unique happened last week in the sports world.

Stacy Ruber and her brother, Greg, each surpassed the 1,000 point mark in their illustrious basketball careers. That's right — the same milestone, for the same school, against the same school, in the same week, in the same sport, from the same family!

Greg's achievement came rather quietly Dec. 7 in Silver Bay. With 1:10 remaining in the game, on a pass from Jeff Hoffman, Ruberg laid in a shot for the 1,000th and 1,001st points of his career. No one knew at the time of the accomplishment they had witnessed.

It wasn't until the two days later, when it was mentioned in the Duluth paper that Greg himself found out. Before the game, Ruberg really didn't know how many points were needed but he knew he was close.

"Everybody was asking me about it," he said.

When asked about the source of his success, Greg stated: "I think it's the whole team. The best games are when we play as a team."

Greg, a senior, is currently taking classes at the College of St. Scholastica with hopes of becoming a physical therapist.

Stacy's 1,000th point went through the hoop of her hometown gym on Dec. 10 against Silver Bay. "It was exciting," she said when the PA announcer informed the crowd of the accomplishment.

"I was just nervous about the game altogether. I couldn't have done it without the whole team," she said.

Stacy finished the game with a phenomenal 38-point, 28-rebound performance.

Since she's only a junior, Stacy is not sure what her plans are after high school. She's received letters from numerous colleges but hasn't decided on any one.