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Lake County Past

Lake County Past, from the Lake County News-Chronicle archives

Oct. 14, 1943

Hope given for Norlen safety

Comforting information was received this week by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Norlen from the mother of another member of the bombing mission in which Earl Norlen was reported missing.

This mother, an acquaintance of the commanding officer of the mission, received word direct from him that the bomber on which Norlen was a crew member was seen to land under control and members of the crew were seen to parachute as it descended.

It is logical to assume that such being the case, Norlen is now a German prisoner of war.

Oct. 17, 1968

Firearms target of area burglars

Firearms were the chief objective in burglaries reported last weekend in Lake and Cook counties and two men, one from Minneapolis and the other from Duluth, have been arrested.

The men were nabbed at Schroeder, where they allegedly took some guns and other loot from a hardware store. Evidence found in their auto indicated that the courthouse at Grand Marais had also been raided and a check there disclosed a loss of cash and records in the offices of the treasurer, clerk of the district court and register of deeds.

The Cook County break-ins, which also included entering of a school in Tofte, where nothing was reported missing, all occurred late Sunday evening or early Monday.

At an early morning hour the following day, Oct. 15, Howard and Ray's Texaco Station in Two Harbors was robbed of 23 guns valued at about $1,300.

The loot there included shotguns, rifles and handguns which were on display in a rack inside the building. Entrance was gained by forcing open the main overhead garage door, Two Harbors police said.

Two Harbors police officers questioned the two men while they were in custody in Grand Marais in an effort to discover any possible connection between the Cook County and Two Harbors burglaries.

No connection had yet been found in the epidemic of burglaries, officers said, but a probe is continuing. The arrested men are Warren D. Oates, 32, of Minneapolis and Eugene R. Silver of Duluth. Both are now held in the St. Louis County Jail in Duluth.

The fact that guns were the chief objective and that other stores and filling stations carrying firearms had been entered by burglars in Duluth and elsewhere in the area led to speculation on formation of a possible black market of firearms, which may be a result of the recently passed federal firearms control bill, which will make acquisition of firearms more difficult through legal channels.