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Lake County Past

Sept. 9, 1943

County bond solicitors work under new slogan

Chairman Torstein Grinager, who had a bitter taste of contact with the Huns in World War I, has changed the slogan for the third war bond drive in keeping with the brilliant progress of our united armies, which has brought about the unconditional surrender of Italy announced by General Eisenhower to the world yesterday.

The committee giving their time not as a patriotic gesture, but as the most certain means of bringing back Lake County sons at the earliest possible moment, are going to give their utmost in bringing Lake County up to the goal set for it in the drive.

The surrender of Italy does not mean the Germans are brought to their knees in humiliating unconditional surrender, but the over-subscription of the third war bond drive, which will provide the guns, planes and food to make possible a quick invasion of France on the road to Germany and Berlin, will make the surrender of the Huns just a sequence in the brilliant strategy of our military leaders and the valorous service of our boys in the ranks.

Thousands of American boys were sacrificed in World War I because of inadequate training and supply and equipment. Had the 77th Division been equipped with the proper communication devices, it would never have occurred that the lost battalion would have advanced speedily and become entrapped, necessitating that Grinager and his comrades do without food and drink slimy water from shell holes.

Nor would all but a scant few of that battalion have been buried over there in the Argonne.

Mr. Grinager and his lieutenants depreciate the unconditional surrender of Italy as a possible retarding effect on the present drive and point to the necessity of pressing on with everything at our command to shorten the days of this great struggle for ridding the world of barbarism and tyranny.

The courthouse will be packed

In the event the sheriff and the county attorney of Lake County do not suppress Nick Nelson’s Social Club with cabin service and Ole Larsen’s Keg Uplift Club designed to evade the law pertaining to the sale of liquor and operation of gambling devices, it will be a field day at the courthouse when they are arrested and brought to trial.

Everyone will want to know the names of the membership roll and names subscribed to the articles of incorporation as well as the name of the crooked lawyer that drew them to evade the law.

It will be more expensive than asking the governor to remove those who are derelict in their duty and Lake County can ill afford an expensive lawsuit, but it will at least reveal who’s who in Two Harbors.