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Lake County Past

Lake County Past, from the Lake County News-Chronicle archives

Sept. 5, 1918

Lake County exhibit ranks among best

Ray L. Sisler, Lake County agricultural agent, writes a very interesting letter regarding the exhibit that Lake County sent to the Minnesota State Fair this year. Mr. Sisler got the produce read and sent it down last week and himself, John Dwan and W.B. Woodward left last week for St. Paul and arranged the booth for Lake County.

The many residents of this county are proud to learn of the big hit the exhibit from here made at the fair. The following is the article submitted by Mr. Sisler from St. Paul:

"In spite of the fact that the season has been unfavorable and that the state fair comes a little too early for us in this section of the state, the Lake County exhibit at the fair this year ranks among the best and made a clean sweep of them all in beauty, taking the highest prize over the entire state in 'beauty of exhibit.' There are a number of things in which Lake County may never be very strong, such as ear corn and fresh fruits, of which 15 different varieties are required in this section, but for the most part there are few, if any, things which can be grown as well, as luxuriantly or as abundantly as right here in Lake County.

"Our exhibit scored 94 out of a possible 100 points for grains, 2170 out of a possible 200 for potatoes and 120 out of 150 for stock vegetables. Among out strongest displays this year were the canning exhibit, which scored 43 out of a possible 50 points, and our display of native grasses making a total of $240 in prizes for Lake County out of a possible $285.

"Taking into consideration, Lake County made a very creditable showing in this second attempt and the broad, expansive smiles of Mr. Dwan and Mr. Woodward, president and secretary respectively, of the Lake County Agricultural Society, was sufficient compensation in itself for the work done on the exhibit."

Sept. 9, 1943

Pastor's wife hooks 19-pounder

Rev. and Mrs. C.E.T. Peterson of the Emmanuel Lutheran Church, back from a four-day vacation spent at Little Long Lake near Ely, bring back big tales and fish.

Mrs. Peterson hooked a northern pike, which measured 36 inches and was estimated to weigh 19 pounds. After having reeled the fish up to the boat several times, the plug finally tore out of the jaw of the fish and Rev. Peterson was forced to stun it with the blade of his oar.

They were guests at the time of a Finnish farmer and the experience of their first adventure in a Finnish bath is something to write home about as well as to tell.