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Lake County Past

Lake County Past, from the Lake County News-Chronicle archives

Aug. 28, 1918

Death occurs as result of shooting

The death of James Frederickson of Finland occurred last Friday evening, Aug. 23, at the Burns and Christenson Hospital, where he had been confined for a little over a week, suffering from a gunshot wound received in his right leg. On Friday, the leg was amputated, but being unable to withstand the operation, death resulted Friday evening and relieved him of his sufferings.

Deceased was born in Finland on Dec. 27, 1888, and at the time of his death had attained the age of 29 years and eight months. He had been a resident of Finland on the Little Marais Road for several years and was a well-liked and respected settler and leaves a host of friends deeply grieved over his death.

Mr. Frederickson was shot by Jacob Matson, 60, Aug. 14 when discussing matters pertaining to road work. Matson shot the deceased with a double-barreled shotgun loaded with buckshot. The physician and the Sheriff were at once summoned and took Mr. Frederickson to the hospital. Matson, who has a wife and two children, was bound over to the District Court, where he is awaiting trial.

Sept. 5, 1968

Hedin says problem of narcotics is here

"The problem exists and it is here," Lawrence Hedin told a meeting of the Rotary on Tuesday. The problem he was referring to is narcotics.

Hedin, a native Two Harborite now living in Duluth, has been an investigator for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension for 12 years.

His speech covered "hard" narcotics such as heroin and cocaine; hallucinogens such as LSD, peyote and psilocybin; delerients such as model glue; dangerous drugs such as amphetamines and barbiturates; and marijuana.

Hedin has just returned from a visit to the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, where he discovered such a free use of drugs that authorities have given up trying to prosecute for possession.

"The police can't control the use of marijuana on campuses or even in high schools anymore in California. They are not concentrating on junior highs — trying to keep it out of there."

Hedin noted that the problem is also a local one. He said drugs have been discovered in Aurora and at the University of Minnesota Duluth and conceded the possibility that there maybe some in Two Harbors.

"Authorities destroyed 10 acres of pot growing close to Mankato recently. It could grow right here in the Lake Superior area. It's a tough, durable weed."

Although marijuana does not do physical harm to the user, it can have a psychological effect.

"The big trouble with marijuana is that in nine out of 10 cases it leads the user to hard narcotics," Hedin stated.

Hedin showed several samples of hard narcotics and the paraphernalia necessary to use it. Display material also included samples of marijuana in various stages of refinement.