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Lake County Past

Lake County Past, from the Lake County News-Chronicle archives

Aug. 22, 1968

Zastera now sole owner of Falk Drug

August 15, 1968, marks an important date in the history of Falk's Drug Store. That is the date Kermit (Ted) Norlen chose to end association with the store and sell out to his partner of 12 years, Joe Zastera.

Zastera says he plans no changes in the store now that he is the sole owner.

Zastera first came to Two Harbors in 1949 after graduating from the University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy. At that time, he worked for the Lloyd James Pharmacy, which was located across the street from Falk Drug.

After serving in the Korean War, Zastera returned to Two Harbors in 1956 to replace the store's founder, Charles F. Falk, as Norlen's partner.

Zastera and his wife have three children: a 14-year-old daughter, Jody; a 12-year-old son, Frank; and a 4-year-old daughter, Carolyn.

Norlen ends 33 years of association with Falk Drug, an institution he has been a part of since his high school days.

He plans to continue his residence here and, following a vacation, he will practice his profession with a Duluth firm.

"Forty hours a week looks pretty good," Norlen said.

Aug. 26, 1993

BWCAW management plan finally at doorstep

The long-awaited wilderness management plan for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness was released by the U.S. Forest Service last week and in many corners of Lake County, the plan was received with outright support, cool acceptance and plain old disappointment.

The million-acre wilderness has been the center of one of the longest management struggles of any of the National Forest sites across the country. Over 400,000 acres of wilderness lands lie in Lake County.

The plan calls for a reduction of the maximum party size from 10 to nine people for overnight or longer visits, but only allows for a maximum of three canoes per party. That portion of the plan will be implemented in 1995. There will also be significant reductions in overnight visitor quotas for canoeists (27 percent) and motor users (23 percent overnight use, 22 percent day use). Thes permit reductions will take place in 1994.

Use permits will also be required year-round in 1995. Currently, use permits aren't required between October and April.

Acting Superior National Forest supervisor Kathleen McAllistair said last week she fully understood no matter what the plan was, it wouldn't satisfy everyone.

In a letter to many of those who worked on the year-long project to develop the management plan, McAllistair said: "We hope you agree that this new plan and implementation schedule will help all of us manage the BWCA in a manner that provides and enduring wilderness resource, with opportunities for experiencing primitive conditions within a natural setting."