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Lake County Past

Lake County Past, from the Lake County News-Chronicle archives

Aug. 8, 1918

Triple tragedy in Knife River pool

The saddest tragedy that has ever happened in this community occurred last Sunday afternoon, Aug. 4, when the three little children of Capt. and Mrs. Charles Anderson of Knife River met death by drowning in the Knife River bathing pool, a short distance from their home. The children were LeRoy, 13; Pearlnella, 11; and Thelma, 10.

The children, who had attended Sunday school, arrived home at the usual hour, had their dinner and after retired upstairs, where they played for a while and studied their Sunday school lessons. They asked their mother's permission to and she promised the could go, providing they would remain away only half an hour, and this they promised to do.

The grandmother, who is making her home with the Andersons, head some cries when the children had been gone for a while. Thinking they were quarreling, Mrs. Anderson walked down toward the pool at a slow pace. There, she saw their clothes lying on the bank, but no children were in sight.

This frightened her, so she immediately began to investigate and upon seeing a roily place in the water, she set out to get her husband who at once left out for the pool.

Capt. Anderson dove three times before he discovered the body of the boy and twice more before he found the two girls. It is not known how the triple drowning occurred, but it is thought that the boy had tried to save the girls when he saw they were drowning and was himself claimed by a watery grave.

The Andersons have but one child left, Saxtus, 4, who has been living with an aunt in Virginia since a baby.

The drowning of these three children has left a tragedy in the minds of all which will never be forgotten and their presence will be deeply missed by all their schoolmates and other friends in the neighborhood.

Aug. 5, 1943

Boycott underway by slots

The conspiracy to injure this publication by a boycott under which merchants have been subjected this past week may result in the calling of a grand jury investigation.

Operators of slot machines, which were ordered out last week by the Sheriff of Lake County and the Two Harbors Police Department Chief on the advice of County Attorney J.G. Jelle, have threatened Chronicle advertisers with withdrawal of patronage if they continue to advertise in this publication.

The Chronicle has been deluged during the past week with congratulations and thanks, particularly by those who were in the habit of playing them.

The movement is headed by Arnold Holbeck, the slot machine king of this section, who became so brazen that at one time he tried to force slot machines into the Lake County Tourist Bureau and by virtue of his wealth seems to have become immune to conviction of any crime.