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Lake County Past

July 29, 1943

Alderman will sue for libel

Alderman William Nelson lost his temper at the last meeting of the Board of Equalization when D.O. Larsen continued to harangue that body for reduction in his tax assessments. Nelson finally ordered him out and thereupon Larsen hied himself to his editorial sanctum and gave vent to a slanderous criticism of the condition of the Two Harbors cemetery, of which Nelson is sexton.

Nelson has no responsibility for the hundreds of graves, some of which are neglected. His responsibility for the perpetual care graves and general care is above criticism.

Following is the tirade which was let loose against Nelson in the July 15 issue of the (Two Harbors) Times:

“This is a little off the right-of-way but we thought that mentioning it might do some good. We have had several reports about the condition existing out at the Lakeview Cemetery. The grounds are poorly taken care of, the grass is not cut and dead grass, branches of trees and bushes are scattered all over the place. It seems too bad that such a condition should exist at the cemetery when the city is so highly complimented by tourists on having such well kept homes, lawns and fine streets. They have to pass the cemetery when they enter or leave the city and we wonder what they think when they see this place so neglected and receiving no care. How about getting a caretaker that ll take a little pride in keeping the grounds at the cemetery looking nice.”

July 25, 1968

County population loss reported

Lake County was one of 53 counties among 87 Minnesota counties showing an estimated loss in population in the period from 1960 to 1967, according to figures released by the Minnesota Department of Health.

April 1, 1960, gave Lake County a population of 13,702 and the estimated population as of July 1, 1967, was 11,749, or a loss of 1,953 and a drop of 14.3 percent.

The estimated population of Minnesota was 3,582,000, a figure representing an increase of 10,000 over the 1966 estimate and 168,156 over the 1960 census figure.

Population gain in the seven county metropolitan area (Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott and Washington) was 188,824 (12.4 percent) for the seven-year period. Total 1967 population for the metropolitan area was 1,714,121, representing 47.9 percent of the state’s entire population.

Altogether, 53 Minnesota counties have lost population since 1960; 14 counties have gained population at a rate at a lower than the state rate of 4.9 percent; and 20 counties have gained population at a rate higher than the state.

The method of estimation used for the 1967 estimates is the same “composite” method used for 1966 estimates. Various “indicators” are used to derive estimates for various age groups separately, which are summed to secure a total for all ages.