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Lake County Past

Lake County Past

July 18, 1918

Somewhere in France

Albert F. MarkerMr. and Mrs. William Marker, living west of the city, have received word to the effect that their son, Albert F. Marker, who left with the contingent in December for the Presidio of California, has arrived safely in France. Mr. Marker was one of the respected young men of our city, being a graduate of our high school, and for a number was employed by the Duluth & Iron Range Railroad Co. and also worked in City Hall.

We all feel sure that Albert is waiting for a chance to get at the Hun and will do his best to help "Can the Kaiser." Here's good luck to him.

July 22, 1943

Stock barn at fair is destroyed

Fire originating from a bonfire set by small boys was the cause of the destruction of the cattle exhibit building at the Lake County Agricultural Society grounds Saturday afternoon. The flames were fanned by a 30 mph wing so that the fire ... spread so rapidly there wasn't a chance to save the building.

Shortly afterward, another fire of the same character spread through the grass and threatened the municipal ice house. It was extinguished, however, before doing any damage to the building.

A meeting of the board of directors will be held at the fairgrounds to determine what provision will be made for housing the cattle for the fair a little more than six weeks away.

Telephone service hits peak

The local telephone service is at an all-time peak with about 1,600 subscribers. More than 200 additional installations have been made within the past two months, leaving but 10 spaces to go in the present switchboard equipment.

The work of permanent splicing of cables and connections to the switchboard equipment, which was moved last summer, will be completed in about two weeks.

The Chronicle started work on the new telephone directory, which covers Two Harbors, Tower, Ely, Biwabik and Aurora and connecting rural lines Thursday and will be rushed as fast as possible under the handicap of help shortage. Manager M.H. Brickley now has 4,300 telephones under his jurisdiction and the book will require about 25,000 impressions for the 34 pages and cover.

Liars all, says Fritz Omtvedt

Purveyors of the calumnies which have been circulated about Thomas Lake have been given a setback for all time by Fritz Omtvedt, who set out Sunday to bring the lake into good repute and succeeded brilliantly. He proved beyond question that there are fish in Thomas Lake by hooking a 9-pound walleyed pike, black bass and two rock bass. William G. Peterson now claims he planted that fish.