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Lake County Past

Lake County Past

July 11, 1918

Two Harbors native shows bravery when ship is torpedoed

The citizens of Two Harbors fee very proud over their young seaman, Carl C. Martin, who was commended for bravery by Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels. Carl was a member of the crew of the U.S.S. William Rockefeller, which was torpedoed May 18, and fortunately was one of the survivors. Together with eight other members of the naval guard, Carl stood by his guns until the ship went down

Carl is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Martin and the parents have just cause for feeling proud over the bravery of their son. Carl was born and raised in this city, attended the public schools here and is known by both old and young.

The young seaman was born on (George) Washington's birthday, Feb. 22, and is undoubtedly living up to the ideals of the great father of our country. Carl is very short for his age, but it is thought that he feels a great deal bigger now, after what he has done.

At present he is confined to a hospital in England, where he was taken, and is suffering with a skin disease, which was caused by the salt water. It is expected that that he will soon receive a furlough and come home for a visit with his parents. This will be his first furlough since his departure about a year and a half ago and his many friends will be glad to see him once more and be able to congratulate him once more and be able to congratulate him with a good shake of the hand.

Everybody helped celebrate the Fourth

The Fourth of July was celebrated in our city this in a manner surpassing all other previous celebrations. The local Home Guard company and cadet band carried out successfully an extensive program and we were exceptionally fortunate in having very fine weather; in fact one of the warmest days of the season.

The program begun with a splendid parade at 10:30 a.m. leaving the parade ground near Camp Owens, through the center of town and out to the park. The parade was undoubtedly the best that this city has had in many years. It was headed by the Civil War veterans and their wives in carriages, followed by a color guard from the Fourth Minnesota Infantry, Sunday school children, the Junior Red Cross, Brotherhood of the Railroad Trainmen and a large number of automobiles and trucks beautifully decorated.

The parade terminated at the city park , where a short musical program was held. The speaker of the day was Rev. John G. Schaibley of Duluth. Mr. Schaibley gave a very interesting and inspiring talk and one that was greatly appreciated.