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Lake County Past

Lake County Past
July 8, 1943

Liquor rationing not local fault

Manager Nels Erickson of the Two Harbors Municipal Liquor Store has been the object of much criticism, which seems to be ill-founded. Rationing of liquor brings more complaints at the municipal liquor store than does the point system for sirloin and it has been freely circulated that Erickson failed to keep a sufficient stock on hand.

The facts are, according to Mr. Erickson, that he not only had the storeroom filled to the roof, but the basement held all that could be stored on the first of the year.

In addition to that, 100 cases of liquor were bought and held in Duluth until such time as the stocks were cleared out sufficiently to store it here. Since that time, the local store has purchased all the liquor it could obtain on the market.

The present rationing system was put into effect in order that local people desiring liquor would not be shut out by the vast marine trade, which would have kept the shelves bare.

Erickson resigns

Nels Erickson, manager of the municipal liquor store since its inception, tendered his resignation Monday night. The resignation was accepted and Iver Anderson, assistant manager, was named to fill the place. Erickson was then named assistant under Mr. Anderson.

Mr. Erickson’s resignation came out of the many protests and some abuse, which has been heaped on him on account of liquor rationing. Mr. Erickson and his assistant have always worked in close harmony and it was the nervous strain to which he was subjected that caused him to prefer the subordinate position.

July 4, 1968

Girl, 10, fatally injured in crash

A 10-year-old Two Harbors girl, en route to visit her brother who had lost a leg as a result of injuries from a landmine in Vietnam, lost her life in an auto accident, which occurred early this week near Valentine, Neb.

She was Wendy Lee Martinson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Martinson, who reside on the Knife River Valley Road just northwest of Two Harbors.

She was a passenger in an auto driven apparently by her sister-in-law, Mrs. Bernadette Martinson, wife of Sgt. Lanny Martinson, then in a hospital at Oakland, Calif., after his war injuries.

Her injured brother, Lanny, was due to arrive from Oakland at the Duluth International Airport at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

In the accident also, but reported in fair-to-good condition, were Wendy’s mother and a sister, Mrs. Earl (Ruth Ann) Udenberg. At last reports, they were hospitalized in the Nebraska community.

The accident occurred between 7 and 9 p.m. Sunday when the auto veered off the highway and overturned in the ditch.

Wendy was born in Two Harbors Feb. 28, 1958, and is survived by her parents; a sister, Ruth Ann; a brother, Roger of Two Harbors; and another brother, Sgt. Lanny Martinson.