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Lake County Past

June 17, 1943

Garage is burglarized

Burglars entered the Tourist Garage sometime between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. this morning and jimmied the cash register and took $44. No evidence of breakage was found and it is supposed that someone hid in an incoming car and committed the crime when the attendants had gone for the night. The exit was made by simply removing the bar from the rear entrance to the garage.

June 24, 1943

Juvenile crime makes story for the books

When the Chronicle reported the story of the burglary of the Tourist Garage last week, it reported only a story in the making. The garage was burglarized through the unique technique of youths secreting themselves in the building until all the attendants had gone home for the night. They jimmied the cash register, taking about $44 and overlooking nearly another $100 in one of the compartments. After they obtained their loot, they calmly unscrewed the bolt from one of the rear entrance doors for cars and drove away an automobile.

The amazing part of the story is that the theft of the automobile was not discovered until the following Saturday night when S.J. Rosenberg went to the garage to take his car. Consternation followed, both for Rosenberg and Oscar Beckhan and his son, owners of the garage, who all scratched their heads over the missing car. It suddenly dawned on them that the perpetrators were no doubt the thieves of the car.

An alarm was sent out and the car was found to have been abandoned on the streets of Duluth. Two local juveniles suspected of the crime were apprehended and brought before Probate Judge William E. Scott Tuesday, where they were released on promise of the parents of the boys to make good the damages to the car and garage and make restitution of the cash taken from the garage register.

Even more amazing is another story of a 9-year-old boy who stole a car in Two Harbors, drove it to Duluth, where two or three collisions occurred. This car was abandoned and another car stolen in Duluth and driven back to Two Harbors. The Duluth car was abandoned in Two Harbors and a third car was stolen in Two Harbors and wrecked near Palmers.

A new technique has been developed for juvenile burglars. Some time ago a passerby late one evening noticed a pair of feet protruding from under one of the counters of the National Tea Co. The manager was called and the youth who stole the three cars was found to have hid himself in the building sometime during the day for the purpose of opening to an accomplice during the night.

Several cabins have been burglarized between Two Harbors and Larsmont recently and it is believed to have been the work of the youths who were released Tuesday.