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Lake County Past: May 13

Lake County News-Chronicle archives

May 16, 1918

Teachers will have big time Saturday

At the last annual banquet of the Two Harbors Automobile Club, held in the YMCA Gymnasium, Wednesday, May 8, Mr. Thomas Owens made the suggestion that the club entertain the teachers of our city with a short automobile trip before they leave for their summer vacation. This proposition met with a hearty response from all the members present and the president of the club, Dr. R.L. Burns, was authorized and instructed to appoint a committee to secure a sufficient number of automobiles and arrange all the other details for the outing.

It is now planned to go to Beaver Bay next Saturday afternoon, leaving the Minnehaha school building at 1 o'clock sharp. The teachers will be expected to take along sufficient provisions for a light lunch in the evening, not only enough for themselves, but also sufficient for the drivers of the 12 or 15 automobiles that will be required to transport the part to Beaver Bay and return.

Mr. C.E. Campton, superintendent of the city schools, has been assigned to the duty of having everyone on hand in time for the start and he has promised that everyone will be ready and waiting. The invitation includes the wives and children of all the teachers who are married and have their families in the city. At the present time, it is expected that there will be between 55 and 60 in the party, in addition to the drivers of the cars. This will doubtless be the largest number of people that ever visited Beaver Bay at any one time.

Also, without wishing to be accused of dispensing any flowers, it is asserted that it will be the best bunch of people that ever visited that village at any one time.

May 13, 1943

Under arrest

C.M. Hillman, former publisher of the Two Harbors Chronicle, was placed under arrest late Monday night to answer a complaint filed by D.O. Larsen and was released on his own recognizance to appear for trial before Judge Charles Wilkinson.

Larsen, in his complaint, alleges that Hillman threatened to shoot him with intent to kill in the county courthouse Feb. 10, 1943. Larsen alleges that he and his wife, Caroline Larsen, are the owners and operatives of the "Keg," situated about one and a half miles northeast of the city of Two Harbors on Highway 61; that at various times Hillman has threatened to destroy certain property located in the Keg. That at one time he entered the Keg with a sledgehammer in his hands and threatened to destroy certain inventory therein, and at different times since then he has made different visits to the Keg admonishing certain quests that he would demolish and destroy certain personal property.

The prosecution will be conducted by city attorney Claus Monker and Hillman will act as his own attorney and conduct his defense.

Hillman has been a resident of Two Harbors for 44 years and it will be his first experience of being summoned into court either on a civil or criminal action.