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Lake County Past: March 26

March 18, 1943

Will conduct code course

A pre-induction radio code course is being started in the Two Harbors High School this week for junior and senior students who are interested in preparing themselves more thoroughly for entrance into many branches of service, which demand knowledge of Morse code.

A special "radio basic code kit," based on materials developed by the infantry school at Fort Benning, Ga., and the chief signal officer, U.S. Signal Corps, Washington, D.C., has been purchased. This course is taught by the use of 17 12-inch, double-faced printing charts and practice sheets.

Mrs. Carl Cage is to direct the 30 students who have signed up for the course, which will be given the sixth period each day for the rest of this year. The aim of the course is to teach all students a reception speed of at least 10 words a minute.

March 25, 1943

Demonstrate canning to housewives

Mrs. F.M. Thomson will demonstrate a new 7-minute method of canning fruit, open kettle, and also the latest directions approved by the government for processing fruit by the boiling water bath, hot pack method, at a meeting at 2 p.m. Friday in the high school lunchroom.

All housewives are cordially invited to attend this second of a series of eight classes sponsored locally by the war training program and the Lake County school system.

Mrs. Thomson wants all ladies interested in canning (and it will be worth considering for this summer) to come so that our community can benefit from local women's experiences and ideas. She says, "27 ladies braved the snowstorm last Friday and were present at the meat demonstration, and they exchanged good ideas and interest in canning wild game and fish. Best methods of canning meat and fish by pressure cooker and hot water bath will be reviewed tomorrow for the benefit of those who called and were absent because of the weather. Bring your own spoon so you can sample the canned fruits and bring paper and pencil if you wish to write down recipes."

March 21, 1968

Rep. Blatnik visits city

Rep. John A. Blatnik had a busy weekend in the district with meetings, conferences and a speech Saturday to the United Northern Sportsmen at the Duluth Athletic Club. He met with civic leaders in Two Harbors, Young Democratic Students of the University of Minnesota Duluth and the College of St. Scholastica and with railroad employees.

In addressing the sportsmen group, Blatnik praised their effort in advancing the cause of conservation. He cited the current Voyageurs Park and the St. Croix River as two areas where conservationists have been helpful to bringing the issues to the front.

He told the sportsmen that we have "transformed resource exploitation into resource development to meet the demands of our mushrooming population." As chairman of Rivers and Harbors Subcommittee, which is responsible for the nation's waterways, Blatnik urged the sportsmen to get behind the Presidential Message on Conservation, "To Renew a Nation." He laid particular emphasis on the water pollution control section of the message.