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Lake County Past: March 11

March 4, 1943

Resorts to keep open

Responding to a questionnaire of the Minnesota Arrowhead Association, resort, lodge and hotel operators in the region, which are located close to established rail and bus routes, are now preparing to provide accommodations for visitors seeking relaxation from the stress of their war duties on the homefront. Some centers will have housekeeping cabins open and others will provide their full facilities for fishing parties, those seeking places for picnics and outings and the opportunity to get away from it all for a short respite of their work-a-day responsibilities.

S. Valentine Saxby, executive secretary of the MAA, said that a recheck will be made to obtain as complete data as possible on facilities, transportation links and methods for meeting trains and buses by those resorters who are located some distance from rail and motor travel lines.

With March 15 as the deadline for filing information by resort and lodge operators, prospective visitors will be provided through association channels, specific data on sites in which they are interested. A supplement to the Arrowhead hotel and resort directory will be compiled for distribution through information bureaus.

"The Minnesota Arrowhead Association continues to cooperate in the manifold responsibilities of those on the homefront aiming toward speedy victory in the war," Mr. Saxby said. "Necessary travel restrictions must be maintained.

"At the same time, we must aim to conserve our manpower, aiding to keep our people physically and mentally alert. Outdoor recreation is essential to the well-being of all whose work has been intensified to bring maximum production."

March 7, 1968

Teenage Center lacking support

Lack of activities support, particularly by students at the senior high school, has been blamed for a curtailment of activities at the Teenage Center. Attendance reportedly has dropped at dance events, resulting in a loss financially on the programs and curtailment of dances.

The Teenage Center is supported financially as a joint venture of the Lake County school district and the city of Two Harbors. Last year, the school district supplied about $2,750 and the city $1,600. This money is expended in a $750 salary for the manager-host for a 10-month period and building maintenance.

Dance functions must be financed by ticket sales to those attending. Recently, costs of supplying live music, which teenagers desire, have been sharply rising and attendance has not been sufficient to defray the costs.

Representatives of the city said there was no intention of closing the Teenage Center, but that its activity volume was "strictly up to the support of the kids themselves."

The center's main use is for dancing by teenagers in junior and senior high school grades, but is also used as a center for younger children and also, on occasion, by such groups as the Golden Age Club.