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Lake County Past: Jan. 12


Draft dodger sentenced

Herbert Nord, 34, of Knife River, who was captured Dec. 18 after hiding in a cabin since last July, pleaded guilty to refusing to report for induction into the army when arraigned in federal district court last week in Duluth.

Nord was sentenced by Judge Robert C. Bell, who presided at the special term, to serve three years and six months in a federal penitentiary and to pay a fine of $100./

Arraigned on two counts of aiding, abetting and conspiring to his escape were Nord's father, Fred A. Nord, 74, and two neighbors, Olaf I. Hagen, 49, and Severin B. Hagen, 46. They pleaded guilty. The gether received eight months and a $100 fine. The Hagen brothers each were sentenced to six-month terms.

Knife River is angry, offended

Citizens of Knife River have protested that newspapers of this section should have listed Knife River as the residence of Herbert Nord, convicted of draft evasion.The correct address, according to our informants, is Normanna Township, St. Louis County.


Beargrease time once again

The biggest casualty of this year's John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon may be the volunteers.

With the big race starting a week early and on Sunday instead of Tuesday, it will be rolling through the Highway 2 checkpoint outside Two Harbors at times when many former volunteers will be working. Kay Larson, one of the checkpoint coordinators, said she still has many vacant slots for volunteers and the race is only days away.

"But this will also bring out new blood," said Larry Ronning, the other coordinator. "That always happens."

THis year, the first musher is expected at Highway 2 around 9:30 p.m. Sunday, based on last year's times. The last racer out should be around midnight.

With the earlier start for the 500 mile race, the personality of the Highway 2 checkpoint will change. Mushers for the shorter 130 mile race, which finishes in Two Harbors, won't come through until all the 500 racers are done. There will be less action and commotion for the spectators, but also less confusion for the volunteers.

Movie to be filming in Two Harbors area

Finally! All those old clothes of great-grandma and great-grandpa that have been taking up space in the attic have a chance to see the light once again.

When Iron Will Productions rolls into town the week of Feb. 22, 250 volunteers from Two Harbors will be needed for the outdoor scenes attired in suitable 1917-era clothing.

The movie "Iron Will" is the story of young Will Hartman who becomes a national hero after overcoming adversity to finish a marathon sled dog race in 1917. It will also be filmed in Duluth.

Anyone 18 or older wanting to be one of the volunteer extras can pick up an application at Ben Franklin or TeePee Trading Post in Two Harbors. A description of the type of clothing needed appears on the application.