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Lake County Past: Jan. 5


Foes in America to register

The week of Feb. 4 was set aside by the Department of Justice for registration of the half-million unnaturalized Germans in the continental U.S. by police and postmasters, in pursuance of President Woodrow Wilson's alien enemy proclamation directing this action as a means of minimizing the danger from enemy sympathizers in the U.S.

Registration will involve the gathering of detailed information concerning the business, relatives and habits of every German, together with his photograph and fingerprints.

After registering, he must carry a certificate card and may not change his place of residence without approval of the police or postmaster. Violation of the regulations will be punishable by internment.

The orders do not apply to women or an person under 14 years old because these are not classed as alien enemies by law. Subjects of Austria-Hungary are not required to register.


Farmers map plans for year

The Lake County objective for accomplishing the greatest good in providing food for home consumption and the war effort were poultry, sheep and dairy as outlined in the program for Lake County farmers at the annual meeting of the Lake County Farm Bureau on Saturday.

County agent Torstein Grinager read his report of the activities emanating from his office during 1942, which was weighty in the training and accomplishments of the 4-H movement. A general discussion followed his report and a decision to center on 4-H work disseminating the educational program to the parents through the activities of the youngsters. The extension of 4-H clubs will cooperate with the defense setup in the city, assisting in any countywide demonstrations vital to the war effort of defense.


Frigid weather hangs in region

An unappetizing weather menu was served up for the entire territory during the past week, with the mercury hovering at near record lows from about 20-40 degrees below zero, and the highs each day never up to zero.

Despite the frigidity, there were some light snowfalls in the area over the weekend.

The snow cover, however, was not enough to prevent the recession deep into the ground of the frost level, which has already caused water line troubles in homes and businesses.

The cold descended on the region, in common with virtually the entire U.S., more than a week ago and continued unabated. It was supposed to be slightly warmer as this week progressed.

Filling stations with pushing stations reported a lot of business as many autos failed to start in the extreme cold.

But, on the cheerful side, the days were getting a bit longer and Father Time has already chewed up nearly a third of the month the Romans called "January."