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Lake County Past: Dec. 8


Silver Bay Community Center opens

Nearly 100 people came for the official dedication of the remodeled and revitalized community center in Silver Bay on Nov. 28, 1992.

Representatives of the many groups involved in the project were on the dais for the open house: Larry Feldt, president for 11 years of the local steelworker' union, which donated the building; Richard Walsh spoke for the IRRRB, which granted $150,000 for the project; Mayor Robert Kind and Councilman Al Moyer represented the City Council, which spent over $100,000 on a new heating system and roof; Duane Erickson was the master of ceremonies of the program, represented the local Veterans of Foreign Wars post that purchased the tables for the building and prepared the floor for the occasion; and the city's liquor commission, which donated $40,000 toward completion of the hall.

LHB Engineers and Architects of Duluth, who designed and remodeled the building, was represented by their president, Harvey Harvala, interior designer Sandra Moilanen, architectural department head David Bjerkness and architectural technician Beth Moyer.

"We are pleased with this very successful project," Moilanen stated, "and would like to compliment the city on its foresight in creating a handicapped accessible building."

A major part of the remodelling was to lower the ceiling in the building, which Moilanen said created a better atmosphere for th activities going on. Moyer, a 1978 graduate of Kelley High School, remembered a mirrored ball suspended from the ceiling and wondered if anyone knew of its whereabouts.

Bjerkness was pleased Silver Bay had saved such a structurally sound building, stating that building renovation was becoming more and more common despite the fact that community buildings are not that unusual. Harvala stated how pleased his team was with the handsome coffered ceiling, large side window and unisex bathrooms. He emphasized the real beauty of the building was the multiple use of the premises. They were sorry Alan Anderson, architect for this project, could not attend.

The city reroofed the building last summer and the interior was completed this August.

"A primary task at this moment is to name the building," Erickson said. "We are offering a $25 bond for the winning name."


DM&IR Railroad gets 'Minute Man' Award

The third-consecutive "Minute Man" award for outstanding employee participation in the U.S. Savings Bond Drive was presented to the Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway by the U.S. Treasury Department.

Some 64 percent of DM&IR employees buy U.S. Savings Bonds on a regular payroll deduction basis qualifying the company for the award.