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Lake County Past: Dec. 1


Ore season ends; 6 boats yet to load

The 1942 ore shipping season has come to an end with the exception of loading the six boats which are in the harbor awaiting cargoes.

The total shipments from the Lake Superior district with the completion of loading with slightly top 92 million tons of iron ore shipped; 91.4 million tons had been shipped up to and including Tuesday, and the final loading at all of the docks will bring the volume over the 92 million figure, an all-time record for the Head of the Lakes. The ore in transit now is frozen so solidly that in one shift this week only 180 cars were steamed. Every available man in the district has been pressed into the ore steaming service.

Three registration dates given by Selective Service

Detailed information concerning the sixth Selective Service registration was issued by Col. J.E. Nelson, state director. The registration will be held for men who have reached their 18th birthday since the registration of June 30, 1942. This means that men born on or after July 1, 1924, and on or before Dec. 31, 1924, will be required to register at a specified time during the month of December.

Specific dates for registration were set forth in the presidential proclamation announcing the registration. It was emphasized that during the continuance of the present war, those who were born on or after Jan. 1, 1925, will be register on the day they reach the 18th anniversary of their birth.

Since gas rationing will be effect at the time of the registration, registration places will be established on a geographical basis throughout each local board area outside the metropolitan areas.

It was pointed out that citizenship does not determine registration. All males residing in the United States who are within the age group must register with the Selective Service.


Rooster flies the coop

Some prankster or marauder escaped during the night with this decorative bird, which stood in front of Weldon's Gift Shop along U.S. Highway 61 at the west city limits of Two Harbors. The figure weighed about 100 pounds and had been standing there for about the past two years. It is constructed of fiberglass. Weldon Johnson, owner of the gift shop, has offered a reward for its return.