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Lake County Past: Nov. 3


Sending Christmas packages early

A campaign for early shipment of Christmas packages was inaugurated at a joint meeting of the American Railway Association's car service committees of Chicago, Milwaukee and South Bend. Cooperation in this campaign was promised by representatives of the National Industrial Traffic League and the Chicago Association of Commerce.

There will be approximately a million soldiers in the various cantonments and training camps who will receive Christmas packages. To handle all these packages in a few days before Christmas will be physically impossible for the railways, express companies and the postal department. The post office department has fixed Nov. 15 as the last day for mailing Christmas packages to our soldiers and sailors abroad.

Raising hogs to help win war

A.L. Overman, popular traveling salesman who has been making this city for a number of years, is responsible for launching, in this community, a scheme to promote the raising of hogs by boys of our city and surrounding country.

No details have as yet been announced, but the scheme in brief is that boys who have the moral backing of their parents will be furnished with funds to purchase small pigs to be raised by themselves. It is claimed by Mr. Overman that there will be no trouble in securing the funds for such boys as appear reliable and have the moral backing of their parents so that those furnishing the funds may know that the boys will not neglect the pigs and allow them starve or suffer from lack of proper care.


Vandalism on increase

Vandalism of lake homes and hunting headquarters in the area was reported on the increase this week as both St. Louis and Lake county officers tried to cope with an increasing number of reported break-ins of cabins.

A rash of break-ins occurred last week in Pequaywan Lake area. Last weekend, similar entries of summer homes were reported in the Stony Lake region.

Both areas are in St. Louis County just west of the Lake County line.


Waste-dumping in Lake County

A person dumped punctured paint cans, a bar batter, other car parts, an oil burning stove, saw blades and an old kitchen sink, among other things along the Knife River.

The Knife River dumping site was on the Drummond Line about three-tenths of a mile north of the snowmobile trail. Less than a half-mile further north sat box of refuse — old papers, an old pair of shoes, hair curlers — and next to it, an old space heater.

Silver Bay, Beaver Bay and Two Harbors have mandatory garbage pickup, which means the haulers have to take whatever is put out. However, they can charge an extra fee for items that cost them more for disposal.