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Lake County Past: Oct. 13


Arrives home from Russia

Ernest Tenkanen, a sailor in the merchant marine, arrived in the city of Two Harbors from Russia, where he has been confined to a hospital for the past two and a half months.

Tenkanen is thought to be one of three survivors out of a crew of 40 when the ship he was on was sunk by German bombs in the Murmansk harbor the later part of May. He was rescued from the water by a Man of War and taken to a Russian hospital. He suffered a fractured jaw and concussion. He was treated very kindly by the Russian people and had the best of care by the doctors in the hospital and considered himself very lucky to get out of the bombing by such slight injuries, and was very happy at being able to be home again.

He was in the Pearl Harbors area before war was declared and the last time he had visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Tenkanen, was in March. He is given almost two months at his home now and when he is fully recovered will return to the merchant marine.


Local man retires from rail service

Paul M. King of Two Harbors, pipe and tin foreman on this division of the DM&IR railroad, recently retired from active duty after 46 years of service with the company.

King started with the railroad as an extra gang laborer at Two Harbors in 1918. He worked as a pipefitter helper, engine coaler, machinist helper and sheet metal worker helper before completing a tinner apprentice in 1927.

He was promoted to lead pipefitter in 1946 and in 1948 was made foreman in charge of all such work on the Iron Range Division. For many years he was secretary-treasurer of that union.

Big year reported at Lakeview Course

With the official closing as of Sept. 30 of the clubhouse at Lakeview golf course in Two Harbors, J.W. (Fritz) Lundberg who, with his wife, Ida, have been course custodians during the past summer, said the season was the biggest in the history of the course.

Lundberg said that a total of 12,048 daily tickets were sold during the season amounting to $3,430.50. This figure, of course, does not count revenue from season tickets, of which there are 298.

Last year daily ticket sales amounting to a little over 9,000 were reported.

Structure is wing of hospital

Ground was broken for a new structure to be erected as a wing of Lake View Memorial Hospital, to provide 50 beds on a nursing home basis, plus facilities for occupational therapy, physical therapy, dining and recreation.