July 24, 1969

Here are bare facts: Bears marks of bear’s attack

Though still bearing some scars and bruises form an attack by one of his lumbering wilderness friends, Herbert Clough, who lives just north of Beaver Bay, is still providing the neighboring bears with food at his farmstead.

He was attacked and thrown to the ground, where he was mauled by claws and teeth of one of the animals late last week. The attack came about this way:

A bear, foraging too deeply in a pail for its bottom food contents, got the pail stuck over his head and, as any two-legged or four-legged creature would in a case like that, started running around to dislodge it.

It wouldn’t come off, however, and about that time, Roy Hangartner, a relative of Clough, came along and the two men managed to catch the animal and tie it. All their joint efforts proved unavailing in extracting the bear’s head from the pail, or the pail from the bear’s head.

So they found a pair of tin snips and cut through the pail. When the bear finally shoo his head free, he headed for the nearest target, which was his benefactor and host. Clough was knocked to the ground and badly pummeled before Hangartner was able to help him.

He was taken to the dispensary in Silver Bay where the cuts and lacerations were sewn. He ignored the advice from the dispensary to stay there and returned to his farm to resume his bear feeding and other occupations.

Some serious thought had been given by Hangartern and members of the sheriff’s office to shooting the animal, but the victim of the attack wouldn’t accede to that.

Auto kills moose near Big Noise

A moose and an auto were both casualties when the former was hit by the latter about 9:45 p.m. Monday on State Aid Road 2 just south of Big Noise Curve.

Badly cut and bruised in the impact was the driver of the auto, James Olesiak, 17, of Brimson, who was heading south at the time. He was taken to Lake View Memorial Hospital in Two Harbors by a passerby.

Olseiak told Sheriff Roland Falk that he never saw the animal before the car struck it. The moose was tossed into the air and came down on the roof of the car, shattering it, the car windows and the radiator.

The remains of the animal were taken to a meat market in the Duluth area by game warden Reynold Lasko, who was also called to the scene.

Local man catches four-pound herring

Just for exercise last Saturday morning, Jerry Carlson of Two Harbors was making some casts with a fly rod from the shore of Burlington Bay and hauled in a herring that tipped the scales at 4 pounds even.

He took the fish to Knife River to verify the species. Commercial fishermen there told him that a herring that size was rare, even in their nets, let alone caught with a hook and line.