July 10, 1919

Two Harborite is stabbed by woman

Peter Lager, age 36, is at St. Luke’s hospital, Duluth, in a serious condition as a result of being stabbed with a common jackknife while in bed at 106 ½ North First Avenue West, early Monday morning. Mary Jelinek, proprietress of a lodging house where the stabbing occurred, is at police headquarters awaiting arraignment on a technical charge of assault.

The Lager case presents elements of mystery to the Duluth police. The call came by telephone to headquarters at 2 a.m. in a woman’s voice, saying that a man was bleeding to death and she wanted a doctor for him.

The emergency was sent to the lodging house, where jailer Louis Johnson and driver Stewart found Lager, bleeding profusely from knife cuts in the back and cheek, supported in the Jelinek woman’s arms. A trail of blood led to the best where she said Lager had been cut with a jackknife. She produced the knife from the bed clothes.

The stabbing affray is supposed to have been the result of jealous on the part of Lager, the Jelinek woman stating that he started to abuse her and in self defense she grabbed the knife near at hand and stabbed the man.

Lager is the son of a former Two Harbors saloon keeper. He has been living at the Jelinek lodging house since early spring when he sold out a small restaurant he had been running in Gordon, Wis.

Police officers took the woman into custody after Lager had been removed to the hospital. The Jelinek woman will be arraigned today on a charge of assault in the second degree. She is also known by the name of Mary Mars and for some time ran a lodging house at Gilbert, Minn.

July 10, 1969

Big explosive ‘cache’ found

A highly explosive “cache” of dynamite was found this week in a wooded area near the Silver Bay Cemetery by Cliff Struve and his son who were working in the area.

Included in the find were 60 sticks of dynamite, 150 electrical dynamite caps and a roll of fuse. Police estimate that the dynamite has been hidden for about one year. It is believed to have been stolen from the Crow Creek construction job last summer.

Police warn of the extreme danger of the electrical blasting caps and also the dynamite itself, to adults or children who might happen upon such a cache while enjoying our wooded areas. If you come upon anything resembling explosives, do not touch or move it, but immediately notify the local police.

The dynamite was estimated to be sufficient to level the Silver Bay Shopping Center — and then some. It will be returned to construction authorities for disposition.