June 22, 1944

Five Swansons are engineers

Oscar Swanson of Two Harbors has just seen his fifth son, Alf, graduate in engineering. The five boys are widely scattered and serving in various capacities.

The eldest Roy graduated from the U of M in electrical engineering in 1936. He’s now located in Cleveland, Tenn.

Ralph, the second son, graduated from the U of M in 1938 and has been employed with the Butler Manufacturing Co. ever since.

Axel, third son, graduated from Dunwoody in Minneapolis as heating engineer in 1939. He is now a metal smith in the Navy reserve somewhere in the Pacific.

Carl, fourth son, recently graduated as a second lieutenant in the Army Air Corps at Fort Belmore, Virginia. He graduated from the U of M as a mechanical engineer in 1941.

Alf, youngest, graduated from the U of M this year, June 10, with a degree in mechanical engineering. That makes four boys graduated from the University of Minnesota and one from Dunwoody.

June 19, 1969

New church comes into being on Sunday

The separate identities of four churches in the community will be lost in the fusion of their respective congregations into membership in the new United Church of Two Harbors at services scheduled for 7 p.m. this Sunday, June 22, at the First Presbyterian Church.

The new church entity, consisting of about 550 confirmands, will be brought to life after about two years of negotiation. The new church consists of congregations of the First Presbyterian Church, the First Methodist Episcopal Church and Swedish Methodist Churches, later united as the Wesley Methodist Church and the Clover Valley Church.

The first pastor of the new United Church of Two Harbors will be the Rev. Philip J. Wilder, member of the Presbytery of Duluth and also affiliated with the Minnesota Conference of the Methodist Church.

Physical properties of the United Church of two Harbors will include the Presbyterian Church, its parish house, the Wesley Methodist Church and its parsonage. All of the buildings will be utilized for worship, Sunday school and related activities.

Students adopt dress code

The Two Harbors High School student council met for their first summer meeting on Monday, June 16. Of primary importance at the meeting was discussion of a dress code for the 1969-70 school year. The following dress code was proposed, subject to approval by the council.

  1. Girls’ dresses should be of reasonable length, decent and not distracting.

  2. Boys’ hair length will be left up to the individual, but should be presentable.

  3. Sideburns will be allowed of reasonable length and neatly trimmed. Otherwise boys must be clean shaven.

  4. Footwear must be worn with socks.

  5. No slacks or shorts will be worn by girls.

  6. Culottes or pant skirts must not look like shorts.

  7. T-shirt dresses will not be allowed as they are improper attire for school.

  8. Baby-doll dresses may be worn if they look like dresses, when not too much of the shorts are seen.