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Lake County 2018: A year in photos

Gerald Egger, a member of the VASA Swedish team, raises the piece of lutefisk to his lips before attempting to toss it in the bucket 20 feet away during the 20th annual Lutefisk Toss on July 6 in Two Harbors. Egger gave the lutefisk a kiss before lowering it. Other team members and opponents took bites of lutefisk before tossing it during the first round. (News-Chronicle file)1 / 14
Hundreds turned out in Finland for the annual St. Urho's Day Parade on March 17. (News-Chronicle file)2 / 14
Ron Van Bergen climbs his cross on Finland's Silver Hill to fix a sagging string of lights in December. Photo by Julia Kloehn3 / 14
Fans of Two Harbors sophomore Kaden Edlund wish him luck as the Agates' bus passes by on First Avenue on Nov. 10. (Photo by Steve VanKekrix)4 / 14
William Kelley fourth-graders Valerie Melander, Cole Sutherland and Kenzie Krech use digital cameras to snap photos of the Upper Falls at Gooseberry State Park in Two Harbors. Students practiced their nature photography skills learned in the classroom from visiting naturalist and photographer Paul Sundberg on May 16. (News-Chronicle file)5 / 14
Joni Griffith, dressed as the ghost of a miner, threatens the hockey stick antler-wearing Dr. Falstaff, played by Nick Miller, while Anna Hashizumet and Joni Griffith hold the doctor still during the performance of "Dr. Falstaff and the Working Wives of Lake County," by opera troupe Mixed Precipitation, on Aug. 19 in Finland. (News-Chronicle file)6 / 14
William Kelley Schools junior Jessie Ketola reacts to scoring a basket during the donkey basketball fundraiser Jan. 8 in Silver Bay. (Photo by Lisa Malcomb)7 / 14
Gooseberry Falls State Park interpretive naturalist Carolyn Rock (left) shows U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (center) and her husband, John Bessler, around the park July 5. (News-Chronicle file)8 / 14
Bloody prom queens offer shrieks and popped balloons in the prom section of Haunted Halls at Two Harbors High School on Oct. 26. The spooky program was a fundraiser organized by the cheerleading squad, football team and National Honor Society students. (News-Chronicle file)9 / 14
Yancy Stark (left) realizes his aunt, Jenny Walsberg, has stowed away during the kayak races Feb. 10 at the Winter Frolic in Two Harbors. (News-Chronicle file)10 / 14
Ryland Anderson winds up to throw a ball at the dunk tank while the Rev. Paula Gaboury waits inside at National Night Out in Thomas Owens Park in Two Harbors on Aug. 7. (News-Chronicle file)11 / 14
Lake County Sheriff's Office rescue squad volunteer Carrie Wirt attempts to keep a rescue basket straight while climbing a cliff's edge July 18. Volunteers Lee Yoki and Andy Gomez help keep the ropes straight at the top of the cliff. (News-Chronicle file)12 / 14
Sychar Lutheran Church pastor and Silver Bay "super fan" Stew Carlson waves his signature Silver Bay Mariners flag during coronation Oct. 2. (Photo by Lisa Malcomb)13 / 14
Carter Nelson (right) takes a swing during a Two Harbors Little League 10 and under baseball game July 24 at Odegard Park. (News-Chronicle file)14 / 14

Scenes from 2018 in Lake County.