Lake County seniors in search of assistance with technology can receive help at Lake View Hospital every Tuesday. Two Harbors Age to Age hosts "Tech 'N Coffee" in the large hospital dining room from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. through Aug. 13.

Students from Two Harbors High School volunteer to help seniors in the community with problems with their phones, laptops and computers.

On Tuesday, July 9, Two Harbors resident Lawrence Jones was back again to receive help with his new cellphone.

"I can make you some fancy kitchen cabinets if you wanted, but I can’t figure out this phone thing," Jones said. "It’s been slow going, but I just keep coming back until I get it. It’ll only work for me once I know what’s going on with it. It’s really frustrating because the little guy has a mind of its own."

Age to Age intern Jake Paron was helping Jones by answering questions and walking him through the various steps to look at his missed calls and input contact information.

"We've been taking it step by step," Paron said. "We're here to answer any questions people have about technology and make it easier."

The week before, Paron helped one resident reset all the passwords on their computer accounts to allow them better access to their email and other important accounts. Other teenagers have helped introduce seniors to social media, add apps to their smartphones and use e-readers.

"I'll have to bring my camera in some week. I have a Sony that will put you on the moon and bring you back with all the things on it," Jones said. "I can do what I want to with it and take photos, but I'd love to learn more."

"Absolutely," Paron said.

Tech 'N Coffee is free and open to the public.